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How Bots Broke the FCC's Public Comment System

From www.wired.com

The FCC's net neutrality public comment period was overrun with bots, making it all but impossible for any one voice to be heard. That's not how this is supposed to work.
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Resilience and Globalization: Don’t Lose Sight of the Benefits

From newcities.org

If the future holds out the prospect of more floods and severe storms, of droughts and fresh water shortages, we need more globalization, not less. Why? Because globalization is the key both to greater resilience when disaster hits, and to the changes in lifestyle and technology which will enable us to reduce vulnerability and make …
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Neighborhood involvement is a critical factor in the sharing of hyperlocal news, research shows

From localnewslab.org

In a survey of 1,880 readers of seven hyperlocal news sites throughout the U.S., the authors found that news from hyperlocal news sites is shared more frequently via word-of-mouth than through either email or social media.
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The Inconvenient Truth about Smart Cities

From blogs.scientificamerican.com

Plans for more wired, networked, connected urban areas face challenges if they fail to account for existing, local, non-digital elements such as government and socioeconomic conditions
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Public Art: Project vs. Process

From www.strongtowns.org

Just as we at Strong Towns do not have a formula or solution for productive growth, but rather an approach to development, I believe that effective art is more about process, than project.

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Three Benefits Of Mobilising Bikeshare Data And Journey Planners

From www.huffingtonpost.co.uk

It is now ten years since the launch of the world's first large scale bike-sharing scheme, Velib in Paris. Since then, a thousand other schemes have been launched - bikeshare systems are no
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Farm to Doorstep: Why 'Agrihoods' Are the Next Big Trend in Real Estate- Livability

From livability.com

Forget neighborhoods; the next generation of homebuyers want to live in agrihoods. Here's the scoop.
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Sit back, relax, and enjoy a ride through the history of self-driving cars

From www.digitaltrends.com

From a 1920s stunt in downtown New York to Google's Waymo, here are the events you should know about from the history of self-driving cars.
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5 new tech books for urbanists

From citiscope.org

As it comes to urbanization and technology, to paraphrase the late rock-and-roller, the future is wide open. As the authors of the following five books — which stretch well beyond the confines of Silicon Valley — demonstrate, it is becoming increasingly difficult to think about new technologies and not consider urban spaces, and just as hard to think about new cities without weighing the great technology-delivered uncertainties to come.

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Who Wins When a City Gets Smart?

From www.citylab.com

Last year, Columbus, Ohio, won a $50 million grant for high-tech transportation innovation, with a promise to help its most vulnerable families. Now some worry their needs are fading into the background.
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Others Must Learn the Lessons Superstorm Sandy Taught New York

From citylimits.org

'Five years in, New York still has work to do before the region can claim to be truly resilient or able to withstand a major hurricane or weather event. But we have learned so much about resilient design, and other cities can in turn learn from us.'
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Technology Is Key to Local Citizen Engagement

From www.govtech.com

The mayors of Austin, Texas, Louisville, Ky., and Raleigh, N.C., hope their successful resident engagement projects will serve as guides for other major cities across the country.
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MacArthur Genius’s Mission: Enliven the Planning Process

From www.planetizen.com

Damon Rich wants constituents and professionals alike to get excited about the bureaucratic slog.
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Real Estate Developers Become the Entertainers

From www.citylab.com

As cities fall in love with mixed-use developments that function as public spaces, the builders are taking on a bigger role as curators of cultural events.
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Should we close our worlds? Or open them out?

From www.opendemocracy.net

Cities need an overarching, positive narrative that binds all people to where they live, and where day to day behaviour and activities connect well with civic life. Interview. 
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What Every City Needs to Know About 'Night Mayors'

From www.citylab.com

New York is the first major American city to create an official body to oversee nightlife. Here’s what it can learn from the European cities that have tried it so far.
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NCDD Community News » Benefits and Challenges of Digitizing Deliberative Democracy

From ncdd.org

The smartphones in our pockets can seemingly accomplish anything—even things you didn’t know you needed (like downloading virtual bubble wrap). While various apps and our social media feeds may threaten our productivity and full night’s sleep, they also connect us to people, organizations, and information at our fingertips. However, there’s one key area that hasn’t quite reached its full digital potential: democracy.
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Block capital: How blockchain could change planning

From www.theplanner.co.uk

Devised for the digital currency Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology has created the backbone of a new type of internet and its potential to publicly record everything of value holds opportunities for the planning community.
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