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Five takeaways from the New Cities Summit

From cities-today.com

Jonathan Andrews reports from Songdo which last week played host to the sixth New Cities Summit – ‘Thriving cities: the building blocks of urban wellbeing’.
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Actually, more public participation can save American democracy

From healthydemocracy.org

Jessie Conover responds to recent articles calling for less public participation in our
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New Ruralism: Solutions for Struggling Small Towns

From dirt.asla.org

New Urbanism is a well-known movement that aims to create more walkable communities. Less known is New Ruralism, which is focused on the preservation and enhancement of rural communities beyond the edge of metropolitan regions. Small towns now part of this nascent movement seek to define themselves on their own terms, not just in relation…
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Can Racial Equity Unlock Civic Tech’s Superpowers? 

From civichall.org

The promise of civic technology is that better democracy can come via connection, automation, and data. 
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How can cities double down on the climate change fight? Three experts share ideas

From archpaper.com

Three experts from NYC, NOLA, and Rio zeroed in on cities' response to climate change at Cities and Climate Action, a Columbia GSAPP conference.
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What I learned about Participatory Budgeting from Palo Alto Community College in San Antonio

From medium.com

The San Antonio Progressive Alliance organized a community meeting on Participatory Budgeting that was held last night at Brick at Bluestar. The meeting featured a presentation by Palo Alto Community…
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Self-Driving Cars Could Revolutionize Our Sidewalks, Too

From www.fastcodesign.com

The design studio Pensa envisions the way autonomous vehicles could transform far more than our streets.
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There Are No Size Requirements for Good Urbanism and Placemaking

From www.economicsofplace.com

This week I traveled from Northville, MI to Madison, WI with a stop in Chicago, IL. Three distinctly different places. All successful in their own way. Northville is an old Victorian town of 6,000 …
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Drones will bring "profound change" to architecture and cities, says Mark Dytham

From www.dezeen.com

Drones will transform the way buildings are designed, the way they look and the way they are used, according to architect Mark Dytham
Sarah CD's curator insight, June 8, 2017 8:41 AM

L'impact des drones sur nos villes et bâtiments de demain ! 

Sarah CD's curator insight, June 8, 2017 8:46 AM

Quand les drones arriveront en ville ! 

Great idea: Rethinking parking

From www.cnu.org

From coast to coast and in middle America, more sensible parking policies are taking hold and may be the quickest path to urban revitalization.
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How Minimalism Can Make Cities Happier - NewCities

From newcities.org

I was born and raised in Hong Kong and lived there until my family moved to New York in 2001. Work brought me back to Hong Kong in 2014 and I am always trying to resolve social issues here via research, projects, volunteering and teaching. One of the biggest problems we have in Hong Kong …
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Why you should care about bots if you care about social justice

From www.fordfoundation.org

Why you should care about bots if you care about social justice
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Lessons in audience engagement from Chicago’s Curious City

From www.cjr.org

In 2016, Curious City embarked on a year-long outreach project to find out what residents from underrepresented Chicago neighborhoods wanted to hear. What they discovered offers lessons for all journalists interested in effective community engagement.
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We Must Understand It to Govern It: Building An Enlightened Citizenry

From www.2civility.org

An enlightened citizenry begins with citizens being educated to assess issues, form reasoned opinions, and navigate the political process.
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As They Rally Around Rezonings, Planners Often ‘Plansplain’

From citylimits.org

'Not all planners are plansplainers, but like men and mansplaining, there is a tendency.'
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A Road Trip Through Rusting and Rising America

From www.nytimes.com

The comeback of distressed and lost communities is the story of Bill Clinton’s America, not Donald Trump’s.
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The Receding Fantasy of Affordable Urban Transit "To Your Door"

From humantransit.org

Uber’s UberPool service, which attempts to gather multiple people on a single vehicle going the same way, is undergoing some tinkering that will make it even more like fixed route transit.  Andrew J. Hawkins at Verge has the story: [UberPool riders] are being prompted to walk to the closest corner or intersection for more convenient …
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Low-stress streets mean more biking, greater transit access - Mobility Lab

From mobilitylab.org

New study examines how bus and bicycling travel times interact in stressful street networks As cities move forward with ambitious plans to revamp bus services and add dedicated bike infrastructure, which in turn will help draw riders and bicyclists, the level of comfort in nearby streets still play a large role. Streets free of the... Read more »
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Biophilic Cities - Integrating Nature into Urban Design and Planning

From vimeo.com

The "greening" of cities can focus on everything except nature, emphasizing such elements as public transit, renewable energy production, and energy efficient…
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8 Big Thoughts (and a Lot of Questions) About the Self-Driving Future

From www.citylab.com

Could self-driving cars bring on more affordable housing? Should car companies slap a “warning label” on private autos? At a national summit of mobility leaders, some big thoughts came up.
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Seattle CityClub's 2017 Civic Health Index Finds Seattle Leads the Way in Civic Engagement

From www.prweb.com

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) May 09, 2017 -- The 2017 Greater Seattle Civic Health Index is scheduled for public release May 23 by Seattle CityClub. In collaboration
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Pokémon Go to Expand its Reach in the Community

From www.planetizen.com

The makers of Pokémon Go, touted for its potential to activate sedentary Americans since its release last year, will take more initiative to participate in community-based events. "Niantic, the maker of Pokémon Go, is teaming up with the Knight Foundation in a multiyear commitment promoting civic engagement in communities," reports Mark Wilson.
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