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To Cut Car Pollution, Ask Drivers to 'Think of Yourself'

From www.citylab.com

Researchers tested different road signs to prevent drivers from idling their engines. “Big Brother” eyes helped, but a simple appeal to the “private self” did even more.
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Africa's Cities: Opening Doors to the World

From www.youtube.com

Cities in Africa are growing rapidly and have a critical role to play in their countries’ economic growth. Improving conditions for people and businesses i
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How a Museum in Queens Became a Neighborhood Ally

From nextcity.org

At a time when cities are thinking about how to show up with and for immigrant communities, answers can be found at the Queens Museum.
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Major investments, funding overhaul highlight new Nashville parks plan

From www.tennessean.com

The suggested investments for Nashville's parks are vast, expensive and potentially transformative — and all needed to keep up with a growing city.
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Growing in the era of sea level rise — #thisisCNU

From www.cnu.org

One of the largest and most ambitious regional plans in history, the Seven50: Southeast Florida Prosperity Plan, was born out of a grand federal vision—the Partnership for Sustainable Communities between US HUD, DOT, and EPA.
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Metro line, better city planning to aid Quito’s poor

From www.100resilientcities.org

In a city menaced by the threat of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and floods, protecting thousands of families living in Quito's low-income neighbourhoods from disasters is an urgent task.
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Civic engagement festival coming to London

From www.thelondoner.ca

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Unlikely Public Engagement Tactics Get Results for Small Towns

From www.planetizen.com

Four small cities across the country are seeing positive results with non-traditional public engagement strategies like bouncy castles, beer coasters, and ball games. Never underestimate the power of community pride as a motivator for engagement--that's one lesson from the Orton Family Foundation's recent event on public engagement.
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Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Cities: Emerging Standards and Guidance

From cityminded.org

While we are increasingly aware of threats to our personal information, the reach of such threats really can be baffling. Who would have guessed that one d
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Call for proposals on Anticipating Climate Hazards & Building Climate Resilience

From www.cakex.org

The United Nations Secretary-General's Climate Resilience Initiative- Anticipate, Absorb, Reshape (A2R), in collaboration with the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence's Climate CoLab are calling for a wide range of innovative and practical solutions – on the local, national and international levels – that can help strengthen early warning and early action in vulnerable communities around the world. A2R is a global, multi-stakeholder initiative accelerating action on the ground to enhance climate resilience of the most vulnerable countries and people by 2020. Win a chance to present your work before the A2R Initiative Leadership team-- some of the world's leading experts in climate change adaptation.
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Turnout and Diversity in Participatory Budgeting: Long Beach, California

From www.publicagenda.org

Participatory budgeting lessons from Long Beach, California, where District 9 successfully expanded diversity and broadened participation in PB.
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Dare to Be Cheeky in Your Public Outreach

From elgl.org

This is the first column by our new organizational member Peak Democracy. Marlena Medford is the Director of Government Outreach and Communications for Peak Democracy, which offers a line of civic …
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Gamification: Governments Use Gaming Principles to Get Citizens Involved

From www.govtech.com

Gaming mechanics are changing how people engage online and in real-life activities — can they remake government’s relationship with employees and citizens?

From the archives...

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Smart Cities Council: Meet our Readiness Challenge Grant winners 

From smartcitiescouncil.com

The winners of the first-ever Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge Grants are Austin, Indianapolis, Miami, Orlando and Philadelphia. Learn about their projects and the important first step you need to take to make any smart cities initiative a success.
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How a simple app can actually empower street-level democracy

From www.curbed.com

In an increasingly partisan era, SeeClickFix believes technology can get neighbors on the same page
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A Budgeting Break for Small (and Big) Governments

From www.governing.com

With less people and money, small towns are prone to making big and expensive errors. One company wants to change that.
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Towards a creative approach on community engagement

From www.ciudadesaescalahumana.org

@manufernandez - Understanding cities and urban policies, urban innovation, sustainable and human cities
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What Makes A Thriving And Interesting City? Something Called Collision Density

From www.citiestobe.com

It appears that more innovation and entrepreneurship is happening in the dynamic, diverse urban areas as opposed to suburban tech parks.
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How U.S. Communities Are Adapting to Climate Change - Urban Land Magazine

From urbanland.uli.org

Taking the necessary steps to prepare for climate change—and the extreme weather events that go along with it—can be a daunting task. A new report includes separate case studies of distinct adaptation actions from a diverse group of 17 communities across the nation from Boston to El Paso, Texas.
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Introduction to Charrettes

From courses.planetizen.com

This course introduces the NCI System, a collaborative, design-based approach to public involvement. Topics covered include the biggest challenges to community planning, the origin of the charrette, and how to prepare for and conduct a charrette, as well as how to take a project through to adoption.

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A Community Planning Process—Even a Good One—Is Not Enough

From www.planetizen.com

Simply inviting residents to participate in design charrettes or a community planning process does not mitigate the significant loss they feel as they witness the physical destruction of their homes and lived history. What does it mean to value a public housing community that has been neglected for decades and now experiences high rates of violence, degraded housing, limited infrastructure, and a frayed social fabric?
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How to Teach Your Kids About Civic Responsibility

From www.parent.co

Sometimes we need a shake up to wake up. How can we use this time to teach our children the importance of civic engagement?
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What Do We Need to Build Sustainable Cities?

From cityminded.org

Every so often, I find it important to reset and to re-envision what a successful future looks like. This article seeks to take a step back and revisit the
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Smart cities will soon buzz with drones prone to hacking, conflicts

From readwrite.com

A new report warns of the threat posed by fleets of municipal drones that are vulnerable to hacking and interoperability problems.
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