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What the Free Library learned about civic engagement from Pokémon Go

From generocity.org

Library Administrator Joel Nichols will present on its place-based digital intervention at the first Tech in the Commons session,
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Community Engagement and Urban Planning – A conversation between Anna Kelderman and Max Hardy

From www.maxhardy.com.au

Urbanist Anna Kelderman, Director of Shape Urban recently sat down with Community Engagement Specialist Max Hardy of Max Hardy Consulting, to discuss the nexus between community engagement and urban planning.
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Council launches new Community Engagement and Outreach Van

From www.mudgeeguardian.com.au

Mid-Western Regional Council has launched its new Community Engagement and Outreach Van to be used locally for consultation activities and state-wide to promote the area.
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Creative Placemaking: Using the Arts as a Tool for Community Development

From www.deeproot.com

Public parks share dynamic relationships with the communities they serve. The way we design parks can either promote or hinder their diversity of use, exclude or empower neighborhoods, resemble anywhere or reflect the history and collective values of the place. To create parks that enable residents to feel more connected to place, community development project leaders are choosing to partner with artists, designers, and cultural organizations.
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Planning our Cities Through Humanizing Data – Data Driven Cities from a People-First Perspective

From icf-canada.com

Buzz around many urban planning offices today is the question of how best they can plan for cities using the tools available to them today. Traditionally, planners have always looked holistically. Before the buzz-words “innovation ecosystems”, “smart cities”, “human centric design”, and now “data-driven cities” were on their lips, planners gathered up the available data, thought leadership and public opinion to develop options and preferred concepts for their planning districts.
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From Pop-Up to Permanent: Five lessons in tactical urbanism

From globaldesigningcities.org

Urban residents have long practiced a form of tactical urbanism: repurposing underutilized places using temporary materials and transforming them into more dynamic public spaces. But in the past several years, tactical urbanism has become a movement. 

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Cities across U.S. using New Haven-made app to reach residents

From www.nhregister.com

When I met Ben Berkowitz in a New Haven cafe to talk about the SeeClickFix platform his company developed, I figured we'd walk around the neighborhood so I could see how the app worked.

If we could find a problem to report, we'd have the full experience in real time on a rainy Tuesday.

After 10 years in business, SeeClickFix has about 330 clients, mostly cities and towns - including Chicago, San Francisco, Houston and Detroit - along with some universities and other organizations with campuses.

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Why Scenario Planning Is A Must-Have Tool For Urban Planners: Interview With Janae Futrell

From www.greaterplaces.com

Why Scenario Planning Is A Must-Have Tool For Urban Planners: Interview With Janae Futrell
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Bringing neighbors back to neighborhoods using Sidewalk Labs' Park Time app

From medium.com

Social isolation is a growing challenge for city residents. Sidewalk Labs prototyped a tool called Park Time to help parents connect.

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Cities of Service Announces 10 Finalists for the Inaugural Engaged Cities Award

From www.prnewswire.com

Cities of Service today announced 10 finalists for the Engaged Cities Award, a new effort to elevate cities that are working creatively to tap the wisdom, talents, and energy of community members to solve public problems.
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Civic Engagement: It’s for the Long Haul

From www.aspeninstitute.org

As before in this series, I asked practitioners–two government officials, founders of gov-tech start-ups, a leader in community organizing and participatory budgeting, and a university official–five questions about civic engagement:

These interviews reveal three important lessons for creating and implementing inclusive and effective civic engagement

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Civic Engagement Launchpad 2018: Project Idea Submission —

From codeforphilly.org

Find out what we're looking for in a project idea and how you can submit your idea ahead of Launchpad kick off.
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From 'smart cities' to 'smart citizens': when technology meets activism

From www.ouishare.net

Could the rise of the smart city be only the beginning of a dystopian future where we are ruled by corporations? Or could people become the smart citizens needed to use technology for the people and by the people? And if so, how can new digital tools be used to create smart citizens? 
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It's time to make govtech work for the public, not just technocrats

From www.wired.co.uk

A global govtech sector is emerging to make government more efficient. But is that always the best thing for democracy?
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This SimCity-Like Tool Lets Urban Planners See The Potential Impact Of

From www.fastcompany.com

Urban Footprint makes it easy to run simulations to see how a new plan might change traffic and commute times, the ability of kids to walk to school, access to jobs, energy use, the local economy, health, and carbon emissions. 
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Participatory Budgeting - Cast Your Vote This Week At LinkNYC Kiosks

From bklyner.com

PROSPECT HEIGHTS - Participatory Budgeting has officially begun! Residents of Brooklyn, ages 11 and up, have until April 15 to vote for their favorite projects they want to see completed in their districts. 
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Why we play games (when designing engagement)

From www.dialoguebydesign.co.uk

When designing engagement, we often turn to gamification. We asked people to build their own city as part of on food security for the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), and to make finance decisions to ensure their water supply to support Bristol Water in their business planning process. We use arts and crafts, …
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Could the open government movement shut the door on Freedom of Information?

From theconversation.com

During Sunshine Week, three scholars of government transparency look at a potential collision between the old freedom of information movement and the new open government movement. Is there room for both?
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Leveraging A City Budget for Smart Urban Reform

From meetingoftheminds.org

Transforming your city on a budget can foster a bottom-up approach to public policy and urban transformation. It can manifest a sort of direct democracy that empowers citizens, community groups, and local businesses to be change agents in their cities – and to work in collaboration with city officials to foster a vibrant city life. There are many ways citizens and governments can collaborate. Below are only a few modest, yet transformative, approaches for revolutionizing cities.
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Reflections on community-university engagement

From www.universityaffairs.ca

Founding director of UBC’s Learning Exchange looks at lessons learned from reaching out to Canada’s poorest urban neighbourhood.
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What We Mean When We Talk about “Civic Tech”

From www.newamerica.org

As anyone who has spent time working in or around civic technology knows, certain healthy debates tend to come up time and again, get batted around for a bit, and then fall away unresolved.
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