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Looking Ahead: GovTech Predictions for 2018 – Better Planning

From blog.betterplanning.co

The new year provides an opportunity to look forward and imagine what’s possible — and likely — over the next 12 months. The broader govtech / urbantech industry took some steps forward in 2017, but…
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Civic Tech: The City of Toronto must remain a public platform

From torontoist.com

Heading into a year of public consultations on Sidewalk Labs in Toronto, Civic Tech brings you this first piece in a series that will explore a range of is
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It Was Quite A Year for Civic Engagement. Here Are 5 Thing We Learned.

From medium.com

PACE leads a community of foundations and funders committed to civic engagement and democratic practice. As you might imagine, we had a lot to talk about last year. We didn’t have all the answers…
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Don't Rush Self-Driving Cars. The Public Isn't Ready for Them Yet.

From www.citylab.com

The risk of consumer backlash is high. To avoid it, automakers and governments should take it one step at a time.
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New Possibilities in Public Engagement in Planning with Home AI

From futurecities.catapult.org.uk

What are the possibilities for AI in the planning sector? Stakeholder Engagement Lead Michelle Warbis outlines what realities have already been created and what technology companions like Amazon's Alexa could mean for cities in the not-too-distant future.
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Washington sets example at top of sustainable city ladder

From www.zilient.org

Cities increasingly want to prove they are clean, green and offer a high quality of life by earning certification
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“Civic tech is not a product.” Leadership from the Code for America Network in 2018

From medium.com

Civic tech is not a product. It’s a movement, a mindset, a way of improving weakened civic institutions through an open-source, iterative approach to public policy and efficient government services…
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Can an Algorithm Tell When Kids Are in Danger?

From www.nytimes.com

Child protective agencies are haunted when they fail to save kids. Pittsburgh officials believe a new data analysis program is helping them make better judgment calls.
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Placemaking: Movement, Manifesto, Tool, Buzzword—or What?

From www.archdaily.com

Does (or should) the new manifesto by the BSA's Placemaking Network do anything to address the problematics of placemaking today?
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For immigrants, civic engagement is essential to success

From generocity.org

It's about more than voting, writes Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians' Manuel Portillo: It's also economic security and making real change in their new home.
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How a “Partnerships as Delivery” Approach to Civic Innovation Works in San Francisco

From elgl.org

Mariel Reed (LinkedIn and Twitter) shares observations about innovation in local government. Mariel worked as the Senior Innovation Strategist, Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, City of San…
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5 Key Lessons from 10 Cities at Transforming Transportation 2017

From thecityfix.com

In January, at Washington D.C.’s Transforming Transportation, representatives from ten global cities gathered to share how they are fighting the unacceptable level of traffic deaths in their cities. While they may differ in many ways, the cities share a common goal: to make their streets safer for all people.
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As it fills in final missing bits, Philly’s nearly-complete city plan exposes gap between neighborhood hopes and political realities

From planphilly.com

As Samantha Petty considered the Planning Commission’s proposals for her community, she experienced a wave of déjà vu. Standing in the hallway of West…
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How to fix modernity’s Godzilla problem

From qz.com

Have you ever wondered why trees grow to a few hundred feet but not a mile? Did you realize that most companies stop growing at half a trillion in assets? Have you wondered why the city in which you live is much older than the state that issued your passport? Growth and stagnation ar
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Eric Gordon on Valuing the Inefficiencies of Civic Life

From civichall.org

A discussion of play, meaning, smart cities and civic life with Eric Gordon, professor and director of the Engagement Lab at Emerson College.
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Don’t Hide From Your Community: Embrace Transparency as a Tool to Deepen Engagement

From medium.com

When we talk about transparency in journalism we tend to discuss it in terms of the people and institutions we cover, or as an alternative to unrealistic notions of objectivity. However, transparency…
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We've been committed to progressing high quality community engagement during 2017. Seriously.

From www.engage2act.org

What a year! Community engagement is gaining MASSIVE momentum as a sector, a profession and a passion. Heading to the end of year, I'm wondering what was your high point in the world of Engage 2 Act during 2017?

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What's New in Civic Tech: Open Data Saves Connecticut $500,000

From www.govtech.com

Plus, Atlanta throws a smart city coming-of-age party; Palo Alto, Calif., explores using drones to bring blood samples to hospitals; and a new project builds on Cincinnati’s opioid data work to predict heroin overdose risk.
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Exploring Civic Engagement Today Through Gaming and Technology

From www.santamonica.gov

What do Pokemon Go, self-driving vehicles, and Minecraft have in common?
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Great idea: Multidisciplinary design charrette

From www.cnu.org

A time-compressed design process that gathers all of the stakeholders and practitioners together has great potential for creating more holistic communities, experts say.
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Focusing on the Future: From Aspirations to Actions in Galesburg, IL

From www.orton.org

After nearly a year spent gathering input about what matters most to them, residents of Galesburg, Illinois, came together to brainstorm ways to turn aspirations into actions. More than 200 resident
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How the French Parliament crowdsourced ideas for its reforms on an open source platform

From medium.com

The new Legislature of the French National Assembly, which started in June 2017, is tackling several reforms with 7 working groups that aim to renew the way the Parliament functions by the end of the…
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