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Town in Iceland Paints 3D Zebra Crosswalk To Slow Down Speeding Cars

From www.boredpanda.com

In the small fishing town of Ísafjörður, Iceland, an exciting development in road safety has just popped up - almost literally. A new pedestrian crossing has been painted that appears to be 3D by way of a cleverly-detailed optical illusion.
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Shoveling for Civic Tech Gold

From civic.io

Unshoveled sidewalks during the winter months are a persistent problem for cities in the snow belt. For places with significant snowfall, unshoveled sidewalks pose a challenge to public safety and mobility for those that rely on walking (or public transit), and present an especially acute problem for those that have physical impairments. Uncleared snowfall on other kinds of…
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City Planning Technology, 2019 Benchmarking Study

From www.planetizen.com

A report on the current state of Internet technologies, policies, and content management systems adopted by 600 cities across the United States, including recommended steps cities should take to improve technology assets in 2019.

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User-centred policy design — this is how we do it

From apolitical.co

This piece was written by Alice Carter, a product manager at the UK’s Ministry of Justice. For more like this, see our government innovation newsfeed. At the end of last year, the UK Ministry of Justice’s User-Centred Policy Design unit (UCPD) were nominated for Apolitical’s Public Service Team of the Year. UCPD is about involving the user at every point of the policymaking cycle

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Webinar: Civics, Civility, and Circles—How to Restore & Create Community, Now! Mar 28, 2019

From www.eventbrite.com

Join us for the latest in our free Heart & Soul Talks series.
In today’s fractionalized, tribalized world it seems what divides us is often more apparent than what unites us. Add the cacophonous soundtrack of incivility that dominates discourse and a toxic environment emerges that is fraying the fabric or our communities. Most Americans would like to see things change. We talk with leaders committed to making change happen using creative and innovative ways to educate, communicate, and engage residents, all designed to be used by anyone wishing to start positive change—right now.

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An Artist Walks into a Planning Agency...

From www.barrfoundation.org

Reflections from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council's first Artist-in-Residence at the conclusion of her 18-month residency.
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We Need To Stop Talking About Smart Cities And Start Building Smart Regions

From www.forbes.com

Rural and suburban communities still have a lot to offer. Making these areas accessible while connecting them to cities is not only economically wise, but perhaps necessary for restoring a sense of national unity. Doing this requires committing to building smart regions, not just smart cities.
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What does the 21st century city planner look like?

From www.theplanner.co.uk

The Planner’s Careers Survey found a strong awareness of the contemporary trends that are shaping the world for which planners plan. Simon Wicks asks what this means for the education of the 21st century planner.
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Three ideas for blending digital and deliberative democracy 

From www.nesta.org.uk

In recent months there’s been a surge of interest in deliberative methods of public engagement in the UK. The RSA and Involve are leading a campaign for deliberative democracy, UK Select Committees have begun to experiment and the UK Government has announced funding for its own programme of so-called ‘mini-publics’ to be tested with local authorities across England.
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The Digital Divide is Not Binary: The Five A's of Technology Access

From www.ictworks.org

Five‐stages of potential digital divide barriers to inclusive technology access and usage in humanitarian relief and international development programs
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Soon one app will offer every available mode of transport in Berlin

From www.intelligenttransport.com

This is the first time that a European city the size of Berlin deeply integrates an entire mobility network, spanning across public and private operators.
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Why Is It So Hard to Make a Website for the Government?

From www.nytimes.com

When a team of young idealists tried to make a website for California’s food-stamp system, they learned just how complicated it can be to redesign the public sector.
August Garcia's curator insight, February 21, 3:37 AM

TFW the US government spent over a billion dollars on healthcare.gov.

Civic Tech: A list of questions we’d like Sidewalk Labs to answer

From torontoist.com

The first public meeting for Sidewalk Toronto is scheduled for this Wednesday, November 1. The free tickets to register “sold out” within a day of being posted. The event is currently wait-listed. It will be live-streamed on the Waterfront Toronto Facebook page, the Sidewalk Toronto Facebook page, and the Sidewalk
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The Bacon of Social Studies - How to Incorporate iCivics into Your Classroom Lessons

From www.techlearning.com

iCivic's appeal is the games and sims. Kids can play Do I Have a Right, Argument Wars, Supreme Decision, Immigration Nation and 15 others designed to engage middle and high school students. The most popular also exist as mobile Android and iOS apps.
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Who knows best? Cities consult citizens for fresh ideas

From www.thisisplace.org

Place is a news and information website designed to shed light on the many issues revolving around land and property rights.
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'We need more people to go by bike': meet Amsterdam's nine-year-old junior cycle mayor

From www.theguardian.com

As the world’s first junior cycle mayor, Lotta Crok wants to draw attention to the obstacles kids on bikes face – and inspire other children to cycle
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Making A Civic Smart City, A new public toolkit is offering a set of design strategies local governments

From civicsmart.city

A new public toolkit is offering a set of design strategies local governments can use to increase civic participation.

This toolkit, dubbed Making a Civic Smart City, is available to the public and marks a collaboration between a number of colleges and universities. 

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We want you: Recruiting and hiring for government digital services

From govfresh.com

If government truly wants to transform digital services and effectively serve the public at scale, it must start with how it attracts and retains top technology talent.
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Linux Foundation Revives Mapzen, an Alternative to Giants

From www.govtech.com

The company shut down last year, but its user base remained. Now, the Linux Foundation is taking on the project so it can continue to provide an open source alternative to platforms that lock users in.
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The Romantic City - How do urban forms affect and even shape attitudes towards and behaviours surrounding love and romance?

From thinkingcity.org

As it’s Valentine’s Day, let’s think about love. Or more specifically, how do urban forms – if at all – affect and even shape attitudes towards and behaviours surrounding love, sex and romance? I'm not seeking a claim of outright environmental determinism, but I do think it’s interesting to consider possible connections.…

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How Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper Interventions Can Catalyze City-Wide Renewal

From www.pps.org

Marcus Westbury of Renew Australia reveals insights on a new model for revitalization that harnesses the creativity of the local community and explains ways that "cheap" place-by-place interventions can create new life for an entire district.
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Philadelphia Adopts Smart City Road Map

From www.govtech.com

The document gives the city a foundation for evaluating how technology can improve the lives of residents, serve economic development efforts or other civic purposes.
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Fake lakes: the cities transformed by artificial 'natural' attractions

From www.theguardian.com

Tuzla draws crowds with its salt lakes and Barcelona’s manmade beach is a hit – but are they a sustainable form of regeneration?
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MVRDV Ponders Cities of the Future in "PoroCity: Opening Up Solidity"

From www.metropolismag.com

The book, released in November, argues for porous forms that tackle stifling urban density while offering social, environmental, and economic value.
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