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Eliminating Food Deserts Won’t Help Poorer Americans Eat Healthier — Here’s What Will

From nextcity.org

Many think that a key cause of nutritional inequality is food deserts — or neighborhoods without supermarkets, mostly in low-income areas. The narrative is that folks who live in food deserts are forced to shop at local convenience stores, where it’s hard to find healthy groceries. If we could just get a supermarket to open in those neighborhoods, the thinking goes, then people would be able to eat healthy.

The data tell a strikingly different story.
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See the future: Here are the world’s most innovative cities

From www.nationalgeographic.com

With urban gondolas and reclaimed green spaces, these urban areas confront challenges with creativity.
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Big Brother is watching: Chinese city with 2.6m cameras is world's most heavily surveilled

From www.theguardian.com

Cities around the world are scaling up their use of surveillance cameras and facial recognition systems – but which ones are watching their citizens most closely?
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Community Data Dialogues — Roadmap to Informed Communities

From communities.sunlightfoundation.com

Learn how to host events to engage non-technical audiences on open data
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Community Engagement Progress in 2019 and Looking Ahead to 2020

From elgl.org

As 2020 is quickly approaching, we can’t help but reflect on the incredible year we have seen for our clients and Bang the Table family in the digital engagement and consultation world. 
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The evolution of ‘tech for good’ 

From medium.com

How could technology be in service of society and how can the problem definition and problem solving be led by those living it or working in it.
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New poll shows communities are missing out on vital information about their local area

From www.nesta.org.uk

New polling data published today shows that people are not getting key information on activities and decisions made in their local area, despite accessing local news.
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Mapping innovation: Five takeaways from 89 cities around the world

From medium.com

Weeks after releasing a report and interactive map tracking the proliferation of innovation methods in city halls around the world, Bloomberg Philanthropies and the OECD are urging more cities to…
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3 Rules for Making a Government Site Work for the People

From www.ideo.com

There’s a reason government sites don’t have a reputation for great user experiences. They rarely have the budget or staffing even for digital updates, much less innovation. But the state of Georgia wanted to change that.
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Community Engagement Steps Up Participation in Climate Action

From www.bangthetable.com

With the unpredictable acceleration of climate chaos, increased community engagement kick-starts urgently needed steps to climate action.
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What’s New in Civic Tech: Google and Boulder Team Up

From www.govtech.com

Plus, Sidewalk Labs shares its Digital Innovation Appendix; Minnesota rolls out a plan to reduce bench warrants via text; Miami shows off new website upgrades; Pittsburgh uses innovation to support the Census; and more!
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Who gains with public investment in cities?

From thephiladelphiacitizen.org

Anyone who spends 10 minutes watching a Democratic presidential debate knows that we are living through a period of grand re-questioning. None of this should be surprising to urbanists, since cities are at the vanguard of solving the world’s toughest challenges (e.g., growing climate challenges, rising income, wealth, health and spatial disparities) from the bottom up.

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A one-day dive into French GovTech

From joinlafrench.tech

Digital solutions for public services represent a $400bn market worldwide. Some French entrepreneurs are innovating to put public entities more in line with citizens.
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Startups are reimagining the future of city life

From www.wired.co.uk

Cities are full of challenges. Startups are about creative solutions. Founders who understand this dynamic have a home at URBAN-X, the accelerator for startups focusing on city life built by MINI and Urban Us
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Four Reasons to Build a Young Municipal Network –

From citiesspeak.org

“I always knew I would run for elected office. I just didn’t know it would be this soon.”
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The bucket list for involved citizens: 76 things you can do to boost civic engagement

From www.brookings.edu

Rebecca Winthrop and Meg Huebeck outline a “Democracy 76” list to provide specific and practical actions that we all can take to be an involved citizen.
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Great ideas from 10 city innovators you can borrow right now

From medium.com

Sharing ideas — openly, freely, and without suspicion. It’s the lifeblood of government innovation. And it’s a core quality that distinguishes the public sector from private. In business, a great…
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Four visions for the future of public transport

From theconversation.com

A whole range of social and technological changes could revolutionise how we travel in the coming decades.
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Extinction Rebellion is showing us just how good car-free cities can look

From www.citymetric.com

Standing in the middle of a usually busy central London street during Extinction Rebellion’s protests, the air noticeably cleaner, the area quieter, I was struck by the enormity of the challenge ahead of us
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How big data are changing the cities. And they control us

From www.domusweb.it

Big data comes with the promise of new sustainability and mobility standards in the urban sphere but there is a risk of it deploying subtle persuasion and governance technologies.
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The urban design problem that’s killing pedestrians and cyclists

From www.fastcompany.com

Many U.S. cities today promote biking and walking, but streets have actually become more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians. Here’s what needs to change.
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Beyond Engaging Citizens: Create a Bond of Trust

From elgl.org

Do you remember the last time you completed a survey? I do. I wanted to express myself and give my opinion, plus I was able to complete it quickly. Unfortunately, I never received an update, nor could I find more information about the survey results or its impact.
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11 Rules to Follow When Creating Vibrant Public Spaces

From www.archdaily.com

11 rules to follow when creating vibrant public spaces, with relevant existing examples from the world.
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What can we learn from the civic tech community in Taiwan about public discourse and engagement?

From medium.com

g0v, vTaiwan, and pol.is are helping Taiwan lawmakers move from top-down to consensus-based decision-making. How might this relate to our user engagement strategies?
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