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Closing the Digital Feedback Loop

From urbaninteractivestudio.com

It’s all well and good to ask your community for their input, but
neglecting to close the feedback loop can have an acute impact on the relationship between constituents and local government. Agencies and their consultants are often pressed for time and resources, resulting in prioritizing...

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Can a city be mindful? And which cities do it best?

From www.linkedin.com

Can cities be mindful? Given the bricks and mortar of the urban environment – not to mention noise and overcrowding – you might think the answer is
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Future Local Government: Adopt a Councillor

From www.commsgodigital.com.au

Andrew Coulson details an innovative community engagement idea for local government: adopt a councillor.
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From www.youtube.com

PARTICIPOLOGY is a resource that can help you engage people in a participative process leading to a plan or strategy. Using a board-game format, it’s
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Why Big Data Is a Big Deal for Cities

From www.governing.com

As a new study shows, cities are moving rapidly to harness it and put it to work to make better decisions.
yStop's curator insight, February 18, 2017 6:50 PM

Big data - Streetside 

Internet ‘playground’ trials new tech to deliver smart cities

From www.newscientist.com

UK researchers have created their own internet to test new technologies such as 5G on a national scale – without disrupting existing infrastructure
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Transforming public spaces with the Institute for Infinitely Small Things 

From creativecommons.org

The Institute for Infinitely Small Things addresses the commons through an "art for all" approach to engage with the political through their work in public spaces.
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The Future of Civic Engagement

From citiesspeak.org

How did a small community of less than ten thousand residents begin to increase public engagement in a way that is helpful to both local officials and constituents? This is a guest post by Nick Mastronardi and Alex Pedersen. There is incredible wisdom and powerful data when civic engagement is done right. But when it’s…
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Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Cities: Emerging Standards and Guidance

From cityminded.org

While we are increasingly aware of threats to our personal information, the reach of such threats really can be baffling. Who would have guessed that one d
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Turnout and Diversity in Participatory Budgeting: Long Beach, California

From www.publicagenda.org

Participatory budgeting lessons from Long Beach, California, where District 9 successfully expanded diversity and broadened participation in PB.
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Smart Cities Council: Meet our Readiness Challenge Grant winners 

From smartcitiescouncil.com

The winners of the first-ever Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge Grants are Austin, Indianapolis, Miami, Orlando and Philadelphia. Learn about their projects and the important first step you need to take to make any smart cities initiative a success.
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A Budgeting Break for Small (and Big) Governments

From www.governing.com

With less people and money, small towns are prone to making big and expensive errors. One company wants to change that.
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Towards a creative approach on community engagement

From www.ciudadesaescalahumana.org

@manufernandez - Understanding cities and urban policies, urban innovation, sustainable and human cities
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What Makes A Thriving And Interesting City? Something Called Collision Density

From www.citiestobe.com

It appears that more innovation and entrepreneurship is happening in the dynamic, diverse urban areas as opposed to suburban tech parks.
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A Community Planning Process—Even a Good One—Is Not Enough

From www.planetizen.com

Simply inviting residents to participate in design charrettes or a community planning process does not mitigate the significant loss they feel as they witness the physical destruction of their homes and lived history. What does it mean to value a public housing community that has been neglected for decades and now experiences high rates of violence, degraded housing, limited infrastructure, and a frayed social fabric?
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What Do We Need to Build Sustainable Cities?

From cityminded.org

Every so often, I find it important to reset and to re-envision what a successful future looks like. This article seeks to take a step back and revisit the
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Smart cities will soon buzz with drones prone to hacking, conflicts

From readwrite.com

A new report warns of the threat posed by fleets of municipal drones that are vulnerable to hacking and interoperability problems.
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Europe to lead world's smart cities by 2040

From cities-today.com

European smart cities could transform the continent's urban landscape in less than three decades, says Jeremy Rifkin.
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One of these 10 municipalities may be the next smartest city in the US - TechRepublic

From www.techrepublic.com

The 10 finalists have been announced for a smart city grant program, and five will receive workshops to help them pursue their goals toward becoming smarter.
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Equitable Placemaking: Not the End, but the Means - Project for Public Spaces

From www.pps.org

Project-led or design-led development of places misses out on the core function of real Placemaking: the connecting and lifting-up of human spirits.
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The future of public sectors in a citizen-centric digital world

From www.urenio.org

Read this report from Hewlett Packard Enterprise to learn how governments can be more efficient, agile and resilient, and help drive economic growth, impro
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CTO Download: Designing Digital Strategy to Empower Prosperity | EfficientGov

From efficientgov.com

By overcoming challenges, mastering data and pursuing continuous innovation through digital strategy, IT can empower city government to achieve more.
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3 Insights from NLC’s Smart Cities Report

From www.statetechmagazine.com

The National League of Cities study includes recommendations on how governments can more effectively implement smart technology.
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