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Why Hyperlocal News Matters

From rosehillnewsonline.wordpress.com

By Aimee Winkfield Rose Hill News is a free hyperlocal newspaper that gets delivered to 3000+ homes and businesses in and around the Rose Hill estate. The news gets written by local residents who volunteer their time to write about what goes on in their community. Although the Oxford Mail also covers Rose Hill from…
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Toronto’s young people are starting to interrupt the not-in-my-backyard chorus

From www.theglobeandmail.com

Smart, young city-loving people are speaking out for a denser and ultimately more affordable city
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The Pursuit of Civic Innovation ROI

From meetingoftheminds.org

Conventional wisdom on Civic Innovation is that we have all the right ingredients to change government: The timing, the talent, and the technology are all
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Smart Mobility Summit 2017

From smart.labcities.com

** Enjoy a 20% DISCOUNT to attend this event with the exclusive promo code: SMS17LC **

Smart Mobility Summit is a unique event that focuses on the transformational technologies and business models that are currently revolutionising our industry. Next generation mobile technologies, smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) offer potentially massive opportunities, but significant challenges too. Our event brings together the entire spectrum of stakeholders to not only inform and educate,
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Civic engagement, not civic participation – Open Savannah

From medium.com

Building a grassroots civic-tech ecosystem in a metro area the size of Savannah, Ga. requires more than just recruiting local developers and designers to join in and volunteer for a shared civic…
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Boss, it’s my civic engagement day

From blog.timesunion.com

Likening off-time for civic engagement to be as important as off-time for vacation, sickness or family time, tech startup Polaroid Swing publicly announced that it is offering paid time off for emp…
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So, You Want to Start an Email Newsletter? Five Reasons You Should

From mediashift.org

Newsletters are booming. It seems like just about every news organization has one -- or several -- and VCs are lining up to invest in businesses like The Skimm, Axios, and The Hustle. Email is not new. It was the first widespread mode of communication online.
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It’s a Little Plano in Here: How a Reality Television Show Supercharged Engagement

From elgl.org

Editor’s Note: Retweet this article on Twitter and you’re entered into a drawing for free “It’s a Little Plano in Here” gear. How a Reality Television Show Supercharge…
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No More Trickle Down #CivicTech 

From medium.com

at the Code for America Summit confirmed it for me: We have come to a critical moment in the history of civic technology. For years now, we’ve told a story about “civic tech” that made it out to be…
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Reflecting on 5 Years of Chi Hack Night

From chihacknight.org

Today marks Chi Hack Night’s 250th event and **5 year anniversary**! Yes, we've been doing this for 5 years, and what a ride it’s been! For the occasion, we invited our members, alumni and past presenters to share how Chi Hack Night and it's community has affected or benefited them. We were floored by your responses. It turns out you like us! You really like us!
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We Shape Buildings, But Do Buildings Really Shape Us?

From commonedge.org

It’s an article of faith for most architects and designers, but the scientific evidence for this belief is sadly lacking.
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Portland's Next Density Spurt

From www.citylab.com

Flashy new residential projects near the Burnside Bridge suggest the expansion of the Rose City's urban core has leaped across the Willamette River.
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Manifesto for an Intercultural Urbanism

From www.planetizen.com

What are the philosophical and practical commitments of an approach to urban planning that respects cultural differences in ways of being and building?
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The End of the Second Act of Civic Tech

From medium.com

1. This article contains broad generalizations, and is intended to get some new conversations started. There exists much anecdotal evidence contrary to many of the points below. I’ve also attempted…
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12 Empowering Ways to Engage in Civic Affairs

From www.shareable.net

It's evident that there's a growing desire among people, especially here in the U.S., to get involved in civic affairs. While online organizing can be an effective means of bringing about change, there's something powerful about showing up in person to talk with public officials and connect with others who are fighting for the same causes. We've pulled together a list of 12 ways to boost civic engagement.
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Dialogue logistics checklist

From www.everyday-democracy.org

Advance planning can help any program run smoothy. This is a review of some things to keep in mind when organizing your dialogues.
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New guide to participatory budgeting processes

From www.theengineroom.org

Participatory budgeting first came about almost three decades ago, when the Worker’s Party of Porto Alegre made an interesting political move: to look to the citizens who elected them in order to help determine their spending priorities.

Today, participatory budgeting amplified and supported ...

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It’s time to spend less time on Facebook and actually learn something

From www.technologyreview.com

Chastened by the negative effects of social media, Mark Zuckerberg says he will tweak his service and upgrade society in the process. Should any company be that powerful?
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4 Reasons Agencies Should Care About the Citizen Experience

From www.nextgov.com

The benefits of a customer-centric strategy aren’t limited to private-sector businesses. Agencies at every level can realize their goals by putting th
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How NOT to create consensus - Dialogue Partners

From dialoguepartners.ca

And how to learn from the experience and try again. In the 2015 election campaign, the Liberal party of Canada led
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Hackers Set Off 156 Dallas Emergency Sirens, Caused Late-Night Panic: Smart Cities To Have Security Issues?

From www.techtimes.com

Dallas emergency sirens were set off by hackers, causing residents of the city to panic due to the possibility of an attack and flood 911 with thousands of calls.
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