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Why Seattle is poised to be a leader in ‘smart city’ technology and regulations

From www.geekwire.com

New technology is helping local government create “smarter” cities in a variety of ways, from adaptive traffic lights to open data platforms to advanced…
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3 Lessons from Denmark for Investing in People and Places

From www.nrdc.org

As the United States continues to struggle with policies focused on healthcare, leaders could learn from Copenhagen that investing in people and the places in which they live might be a better strategy to improve health outcomes for everyone.
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What’s New in Civic Tech: Hawaii Launches Month-Long Innovation Competition

From www.govtech.com

Plus, Arkansas' governor announces actions aimed at fostering tech employment growth in state, and judge dismisses AT&T lawsuit against Louisville related to clearing city infrastructure for broadband providers.
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Berlin does civic tech. Großartig!

From joe-mitchell.com

I'm back in the UK (is that still a thing?) now — but I have two more EuroTrip stops to blog about.  First, Berlin. As you may know, Berlin is excellent. It also has a bit of a reputation for tech startups. And for doing interesting political things with tech. It seems a long time ago that…
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A Graphic Novel to Transform Teens Into City Planners

From www.newyorker.com

Alexandra Lange on the graphic novel “No Small Plans,” which was designed as an educational tool for teaching Chicago teen-agers about architecture and history.
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The 'Art of the Possible': Santa Monica's New Downtown Community Plan

From www.planningreport.com

The Planning Report is the insider's guide to urban planning and infrastructure in Southern California
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Designers Are Essential to Demystifying Urban Development

From www.metropolismag.com

Cassim Shepard, author of "Citymakers," on how designers can act collaboratively with activists and civil servants to make cities better.
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@BudgITng launches @CivicHive, a civic-tech accelerator and innovation space

From banews.ng

BudgIT announces launch of Civic Hive - a platform to create an intersection between citizens and the government... Civic-tech organization, BudgIT, announ
Doug Mirams's curator insight, August 17, 11:58 AM
Civic Hive is a social justice accelerator in Nigeria. Their current four fellows are: 
*Amplify, by Dotun Olatoke, is a civic tech initiative that seeks to amplify the voices of the forgotten people of Nigeria and generate support for underserved communities.
* Locate by Robert Ogbogu, a platform that helps to track missing persons easily in Nigeria
* Gavel by Nelson Olanipekun,  a platform that seeks to bring transparency to the justice sector in Nigeria
* and, Open Medic by Dennis Akagha is a civic engagement platform that seeks to have an Open Inventory platform that will enhance the accessibility of essential medical consumables in health facilities and other medical outlets in Nigeria at any given time.

Research Report: Civic Tech Cities

From www.labcities.com

mySociety has published a report as a result of the Civic Tech Cities project, attempting to shed light on one of the more opaque forms of civic technology implementation, namely, the tech develope…
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Cities Should Celebrate, Not Suppress, Black Joy in Public Spaces

From nextcity.org

Op-Ed: “It is not enough to simply label a space as public and not do the work to think intentionally about the experiences that marginalized groups will have within that space.”
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Urban Design is Affecting Our Brains

From smartgrowth.org

By  Stephanie Marino via Deep Roots Design affects the brain. We know this intuitively, as we get frustrated when poor wayfinding causes us to get us lost or we feel renewed after a run in the park, but only recently are we starting to understand how and why. Our immediate environment can prompt both negative and positive effects and it’s becoming evident that the way spaces are designed can exert a strong influence on our behavior. This is especially important
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Do you believe design should be a public good?

From medium.com

After having been at Code for America for two years, attended a dozen Brigade MeetUps, and led design research for the Talent Initiative, I increasingly receive inquiries about how to concretely make…
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Driving smart city innovation with open sensor data - GovFresh

From govfresh.com

For many years, open access to data has been viewed as an important means of improving government transparency and accountability and deepening citizen engagement, and today hundreds of local and national governments worldwide are using open data portals to publish data and documents that they produce over the course of their operations.
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A 21st-Century Town Hall?

From www.newamerica.org

This case study introduces students to the field of civic technology and the possibility that it could help to amplify citizen engagement.
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San Francisco’s Startup in Residence Program Seeks to Expand Across North America

From www.govtech.com

If the program continues its successes, it could change how startups and government work together, leading to an increase in civic innovations. All interested cities must RSVP before Aug. 4 to be eligible to apply.
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Foundations of Civic Health: Neighborhood Order (and Disorder)

From citiesspeak.org

New research shows cities that prioritize the maintenance of public spaces and community assets are more likely to inspire civic trust, stewardship and participation in public life. Here are three key findings — and three ways city leaders can incorporate them in their communities. This is a guest post by Suzanne Nienaber. This is the…
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29 Ideas to Activate Empty Spaces in Your Community - urbanSCALE.com

From urbanscale.com

Do you have empty spaces in your community? Do you have forgotten buildings and corridors in your city? Does your downtown have areas that are sorely underutilized, like alleys or similar spaces? Are there any former industrial areas in your community that are currently sitting vacant? Are there any other parts of your community that …
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Transform Your City With Tactical Urbanism

From vimeo.com

If you're a public space aficionado or transportation maven, one only needs to sign on to one of the various social media feeds to see the daily movement that…
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Here's how cities can go completely renewable

From www.greenbiz.com

A new handbook offers advice to cities willing to make the leap to join Frankfurt, Vancouver, San Francisco and more than 300 others in the transition to clean energy.
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What’s New in Civic Tech: Seattle Wins National Awards for Digital Equity Efforts

From www.govtech.com

Plus, Code for America brings Californians human-centered access to food assistance, 18F and the FBI build Crime Data Explorer, and Austin, Texas, donates used government computers to underserved residents.
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How can the Open Data Charter help cities? - International Open Data Charter

From opendatacharter.net

By Jean-Noé Landry and Merlin Chatwin As more and more cities take steps to adopt open data programs we have …
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Public art isn’t just a way to fill space. It can turn whole communities around.

From ggwash.org

Last month, Ben’s Chili Bowl unveiled a new mural. The display brought a crowd of people outside to reflect on the bright colors, cultural touchstones, and iconic images that represent DC, U Street, and the history of the local black community.  It also got me thinking about how public art fits into public space.
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How to do Real Public Engagement

From www.strongtowns.org

Yes, it's possible to have a community meeting where resident voices are heard, while experts and professionals get their say as well. Here are several tips for how to do that.

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