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The bucket list for involved citizens: 76 things you can do to boost civic engagement

From www.brookings.edu

Rebecca Winthrop and Meg Huebeck outline a “Democracy 76” list to provide specific and practical actions that we all can take to be an involved citizen.
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Great ideas from 10 city innovators you can borrow right now

From medium.com

Sharing ideas — openly, freely, and without suspicion. It’s the lifeblood of government innovation. And it’s a core quality that distinguishes the public sector from private. In business, a great…
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Four visions for the future of public transport

From theconversation.com

A whole range of social and technological changes could revolutionise how we travel in the coming decades.
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Extinction Rebellion is showing us just how good car-free cities can look

From www.citymetric.com

Standing in the middle of a usually busy central London street during Extinction Rebellion’s protests, the air noticeably cleaner, the area quieter, I was struck by the enormity of the challenge ahead of us
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How big data are changing the cities. And they control us

From www.domusweb.it

Big data comes with the promise of new sustainability and mobility standards in the urban sphere but there is a risk of it deploying subtle persuasion and governance technologies.
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The urban design problem that’s killing pedestrians and cyclists

From www.fastcompany.com

Many U.S. cities today promote biking and walking, but streets have actually become more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians. Here’s what needs to change.
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The Hidden Common Ground Initiative - Divisiveness and Collaboration in America

From www.publicagenda.org

More and more we hear about how Americans have become so divided that we cannot possibly understand one another, let alone find common ground or work together toward common ends. Based on our 40 years of public opinion research and hands-on community engagement experience we beg to differ.
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Beyond Engaging Citizens: Create a Bond of Trust

From elgl.org

Do you remember the last time you completed a survey? I do. I wanted to express myself and give my opinion, plus I was able to complete it quickly. Unfortunately, I never received an update, nor could I find more information about the survey results or its impact.
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11 Rules to Follow When Creating Vibrant Public Spaces

From www.archdaily.com

11 rules to follow when creating vibrant public spaces, with relevant existing examples from the world.
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What can we learn from the civic tech community in Taiwan about public discourse and engagement?

From medium.com

g0v, vTaiwan, and pol.is are helping Taiwan lawmakers move from top-down to consensus-based decision-making. How might this relate to our user engagement strategies?
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Congratulations to IAP2's 2019 Core Values Awards Winners

From iap2.org.au

On 30 October 2019 IAP2 Australasia presented 21 Awards at the Core Values Awards Gala Dinner in Sydney at our 2019 Conference: Engagement Unlocked: Keys to trust, connection and potential.
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Tactical Data Engagement — Roadmap to Informed Communities

From communities.sunlightfoundation.com

A guiding framework for data providers, inside and outside of City Hall, to investigate and catalyze community use of information and open data.
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To Transform a Street, Just Paint a Park - A Little Paint Can Change a Community's Relationship to Its Streets

From www.citylab.com

Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Asphalt Art Initiative wants to bring a boost of color to the streets of America’s small and mid-size cities.
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The 2010s Have Broken Our Sense Of Time

From www.buzzfeednews.com

The rhythms of American life changed in the 2010s. How everything from TV to Trump to Instagram messed with your head just enough that time feels like it melted.
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Denver's Chief Storyteller on the Power of Stories to Engage Your Community

From kimlundgrenassociates.com

In the local government world, we are constantly trying to push information OUT to members of our community. A new initiative. Results from a previous initiative. A planning process. A public forum. A revamped website. Even when we’re seeking people’s feedback, we’re asking them *our* questions in a survey.   

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The Perfect Pair: When Startups and Government Thrive Together

From datasmart.ash.harvard.edu

Tech startups and the government may seem as diametrically opposed as legacy institutions and fast-moving disruptors can be, but opposites attract for a reason. Governments without innovation teams, or those that are eager to include more data and technology, have the chance to bring in assistance on a project basis through STiR.  

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The Problem with ‘Most Livable’ City Rankings

From www.citylab.com

What does it really mean when certain kinds of cities keep getting ranked as the world’s “most livable”?

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Bringing equity to the forefront of urban planning

From www.shareable.net

Some city planners implement equity planning; evaluating urban planning decisions through the prism of how they would affect the least advantaged residents.
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Public Art and the Art of Public Participation

From www.nationalcivicleague.org

Public art plays an invaluable role in the process of community building. Not only does it establish and beautify public spaces, it expresses and supports a sense of neighborhood history, culture and identity and helps drive economic vitality. One aspect of increasing interest is participatory public art, in which the public plays an active role rather than merely being appreciative viewers.
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4 Keys to Successful Content Engagement for Reports and Plans 

From konve.io

Plan documents. You know the type - long, squinty PDFs that can take forever to download and even longer to read. Community leaders want to share their plans and priorities with the public, but they’re typically not at the top of anyone’s reading list, and they certainly don’t provide opportunities
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To build trust, governments must learn how to collaborate

From apolitical.co

Trust slowly evolves when citizens, society, and governments collaborate and do it well. But it is not easy — so how can we do it effectively?
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What’s New in Civic Tech: WaTech Launches GIS Data Portal

From www.govtech.com

Plus, a data competition aims to reduce Indiana’s infant mortality rate; Code for America’s GetCalFresh program works to reach eligible self-employed residents; and Louisiana has a new Medicaid enrollment app.
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Kids From Walkable Cities Gain Economic Mobility

From www.citylab.com

A new study finds that even considering other factors, the walkability of a child’s neighborhood has a direct correlation to increased adult earnings.
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What would a city of community-led solutions look like?

From futureofgood.co

If we tackle complex social issues without consulting affected communities, we're inevitably left with short-lived solutions.
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