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Need help understanding the city budget? Grab a toy car and get to work.

From denverite.com

Warm Cookies of the Revolution has built a massive Rube Goldberg machine to get you thinking about participatory budgeting.
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'This summer doesn't belong in Scandinavia': stories of heat around the world 

From www.theguardian.com

From Hawaii to the Netherlands and France to South Korea readers have shared their reactions to recent record temperatures
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Who Do You Imagine When You Imagine Biking in Cities – Next City

From nextcity.org

New book challenges biking advocates and racial justice advocates to expand their imaginations around biking.
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‘We’re trying to bring a lot of fun’: Winnipeg Downtown BIZ on pop-up parks

From globalnews.ca

There is a little extra green space for people to enjoy in the heart of the city this summer, thanks to a Downtown Winnipeg BIZ pop-up park pilot project.
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ShapeLab Toronto’s Innovation & Co-Creation Pilot: “Everyone is King” Design Challenge

From www.citybuildinginstitute.ca

By Patrice Mitchell The Backstory   The King Street Transit Pilot rolled out in November 2017 to free streetcars from mixed traffic and prioritize the 72,000 daily transit riders along this ro…
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London’s smart city plan aims to connect its disparate governments

From apolitical.co

London has set out a vision to transform core services for the digital age. The city wants to reform its disparate governing bodies so they can share data better and collaborate more effectively on service design. The Smarter London Together roadmap, a plan to make the British capital the “world’s smartest city” published on 11 June, announces a common set of standards and design principle
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How Cities are Using Drones

From www.smartresilient.com

With a dramatic increase in the use of drones among public safety agencies, the varying use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) ranges widely across the country. From traffic and crowd control to whale rescue and pest control, state and local smart city planners are discovering the benefits of drone technology, while facing privacy and security challenges.
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How Chicago's Tradition of Civic Organizing Inspired the Best in Civic Tech

From www.govtech.com

Chi Hack Night has become a national model for sustainable and successful volunteer civic technology projects.
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Solving India's most pressing challenges with civic tech

From medium.com

Omidyar Network is launching an accelerator program in partnership with Village Capital that will help train and invest in early-stage civic tech ventures in India.
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Spokane’s Community Assembly serves as bridge between the city and its neighborhoods

From www.spokesman.com

The Spokane City Council stays connected through one of the city’s best-kept secrets: the Community Assembly.
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Downtown Vancouver newspaper boxes flipping to ‘free little libraries’

From vancouversun.com

Where once Downtown Vancouver residents and visitors could find free newspapers, they will now find books to share. 
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School engagement that's almost too good to be true

From www.participatorybudgeting.org

Last year, we shared the very wonderful story of how Participatory Budgeting (PB) was introduced at P.S. 139, a local elementary school in Brooklyn where Miro (the son of our co-Executive Director Josh Lerner) goes to school.  PB addressed a sincere need at P.S. 139: a need to connect with families at a school of nearly…
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London Plan: The need for data collection throughout the planning process

From futurecities.catapult.org.uk

In cities across the UK digital technology is changing how we live, but the planning system is struggling to keep up. Airbnb and co-housing are changing the structure of our housing markets, yet we assess housing need in the same way we did 20 years ago. New digital street furniture is offering unlimited WiFi in exchange for targeted advertising, yet we still give them planning permission in the same way we would an ordinary advertising hoarding.
Maya nokel's comment, May 20, 8:06 PM
https://www.spatialdigitech.com/en/geographic-data-collection-and-management/ another place where you can check alsmot high level of data collection

Obama Foundation makes unique library deal for Obama Presidential Center

From chicago.suntimes.com

The Obama Center will not include an official federal government-run presidential library; instead, it will host a Chicago Public Library branch.
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Los Angeles Tests the Power of ‘Play Streets’ 

From www.nytimes.com

In the Boyle Heights neighborhood, a design intervention led by residents and activists unveils a “playground in a box” to reclaim streets for public life.
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Council launches new Community Engagement and Outreach Van

From www.mudgeeguardian.com.au

Mid-Western Regional Council has launched its new Community Engagement and Outreach Van to be used locally for consultation activities and state-wide to promote the area.
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Cities across U.S. using New Haven-made app to reach residents

From www.nhregister.com

When I met Ben Berkowitz in a New Haven cafe to talk about the SeeClickFix platform his company developed, I figured we'd walk around the neighborhood so I could see how the app worked.

If we could find a problem to report, we'd have the full experience in real time on a rainy Tuesday.

After 10 years in business, SeeClickFix has about 330 clients, mostly cities and towns - including Chicago, San Francisco, Houston and Detroit - along with some universities and other organizations with campuses.

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Participatory Budgeting - Cast Your Vote This Week At LinkNYC Kiosks

From bklyner.com

PROSPECT HEIGHTS - Participatory Budgeting has officially begun! Residents of Brooklyn, ages 11 and up, have until April 15 to vote for their favorite projects they want to see completed in their districts. 
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Sidewalk Toronto is still figuring out how to govern and protect privacy

From mobilesyrup.com

At a March 20th, 2018 presentation at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, representatives from Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto emphasized the need to protect user privacy.
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How Ghent is using the semantic web to connect data and meaning

From cities-today.com

How the benefits of linked open data on a semantic website outweigh the pitfalls. By Bart Rosseau, Chief Data Officer, City of Ghent
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Boulder's Plan to Become a Child- and Youth-Friendly City

From icma.org

Michael Jordan Sports Park. Boulder’s Fun Backyard. Goose Creek Park. Teen and Adult Homeless Shelter and Work Center.Just a few of the school-aged design proposals that resulted from Growing Up Boulder’s visioning process for the City of Boulder’s Alpine-Balsam community project. Participatory design at its finest. And it’s just one of the many ways that Boulder has incorporated children into the planning and design of community projects, as well as improve community engagement.
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New Orleans Wants to Be a Smart City, But at What Cost?

From www.govtech.com

From gunshot detection to data collection, officials want to see technology playing a bigger role in the city’s decision-making process. But where to invest and how to pay for it remain unknown.
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