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An Artist Walks into a Planning Agency...

From www.barrfoundation.org

Reflections from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council's first Artist-in-Residence at the conclusion of her 18-month residency.
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We Need To Stop Talking About Smart Cities And Start Building Smart Regions

From www.forbes.com

Rural and suburban communities still have a lot to offer. Making these areas accessible while connecting them to cities is not only economically wise, but perhaps necessary for restoring a sense of national unity. Doing this requires committing to building smart regions, not just smart cities.
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What does the 21st century city planner look like?

From www.theplanner.co.uk

The Planner’s Careers Survey found a strong awareness of the contemporary trends that are shaping the world for which planners plan. Simon Wicks asks what this means for the education of the 21st century planner.
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Three ideas for blending digital and deliberative democracy 

From www.nesta.org.uk

In recent months there’s been a surge of interest in deliberative methods of public engagement in the UK. The RSA and Involve are leading a campaign for deliberative democracy, UK Select Committees have begun to experiment and the UK Government has announced funding for its own programme of so-called ‘mini-publics’ to be tested with local authorities across England.
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Who knows best? Cities consult citizens for fresh ideas

From www.thisisplace.org

Place is a news and information website designed to shed light on the many issues revolving around land and property rights.
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We want you: Recruiting and hiring for government digital services

From govfresh.com

If government truly wants to transform digital services and effectively serve the public at scale, it must start with how it attracts and retains top technology talent.
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The Romantic City - How do urban forms affect and even shape attitudes towards and behaviours surrounding love and romance?

From thinkingcity.org

As it’s Valentine’s Day, let’s think about love. Or more specifically, how do urban forms – if at all – affect and even shape attitudes towards and behaviours surrounding love, sex and romance? I'm not seeking a claim of outright environmental determinism, but I do think it’s interesting to consider possible connections.…

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10 Opportunities for Impact Measurement in Civic Tech

From civichall.org

It may not be as hard as it appears to figure out how to measure what matters in civic tech.
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The World Record Egg: hacking attention for mental health?

From onemanandhisblog.com

We now know who was behind the World Record Egg - and what they plan on doing with the account. But what does this tell us about today's attention economy?
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What's all the hype about city crowdsourcing?

From www.smartcitiesdive.com

While it may seem like a hip, high-tech way to develop projects, more cities are employing crowdsourcing as a modern iteration of good ole public engagement.
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What do human rights, open standards, and venture capital have to do with public infrastructure?

From civicunrest.com

What so much of the conversation around civic tech boils down to is the question of public/private partnerships
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Portland Throwing its Pioneering Neighborhood System Under the Bus

From www.planetizen.com

A muddled agenda of inclusion seems to be a rationale to eviscerate one of the Oregon city's most lauded civic assets.
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Rethink, Retool, Then Recycle? 

From nextcity.org

Last year, China cracked down on recycling imports, forcing cities to get cleaner and more creative with their trash. A look at what's working and what's not in the U.S. recycling market.

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The 26 weirdest government stories of 2018

From apolitical.co

Did you hear about the cybersecurity minister who has never touched a computer? Or the government website that will teach you to roll a joint?
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‘Snowball editorial’: the journey that brought you the Data Journalism Handbook 2 

From datadrivenjournalism.net

 The Data Journalism Handbook 2: Towards a Critical Data Practice explores working with, assembling, experiencing and investigating data, platforms and algorithms, as well as organising data journalism in the newsroom.
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What King knew for sure: Youth must be partners in social transformation

From mlk50.com

On his 90th birthday, a reflection on the late civil rights leader’s commitment to amplifying and working with the young
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What Do the World’s Most Engaged Cities Have in Common?

From medium.com

When the Cities of Service team first set out to create the Engaged Cities Award, we wanted to unearth and lift up the powerful work that cities around the world are doing to solve critical public…
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Why Detroiters Didn't Trust City Tree-Planting Efforts

From www.citylab.com

A new study finds that Detroit residents who rejected "free trees" knew the benefits of the urban tree canopy, but distrusted the city's motives and process.
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Finding common ground by defining our differences: a useful map of public engagement discourses

From www.publicengagement.ac.uk

Neil Stoker, Visiting Researcher at St. George’s University of London, found the landmark review of engagement studies by Jude Fransman in the latest issue of Research for All enlightening…
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How Cities Can Harness the Good – and Avoid the Bad – of the New Mobility Movement

From thecityfix.com

In late September, London made headlines when it stripped popular ride-hailing app Uber of its license to operate in the city. The wall-to-wall coverage that followed the decision was a sign, if any more were needed, that we are on the cusp of an...

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Small (City) Pieces, Loosely Joined by abhi nemani

From medium.com

Just as important as any technology is the infrastructure in place to sustain it: human, financial, and technical. When approaching this question — “what do we do?” —we need to have clarity on the systems and structures a city needs to have in place (in-house or not) for sustainable, meaningful innovation. Fortunately, over the past few years, we have seen a number of models emerge for governments keen on leveraging modern technology and modern approaches.
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Building Technology With, Not For Communities: An Engagement Guide for Civic Tech 

From medium.com

We need to invest more in the “civic” in civic tech — prioritizing community leadership in the creation of tech above the tools themselves.

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How the shutdown affects open data

From fcw.com

Developers rely on government data to build public-facing apps and services, and a lapse in appropriations can make things complicated.
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