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To Transform a Street, Just Paint a Park - A Little Paint Can Change a Community's Relationship to Its Streets

From www.citylab.com

Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Asphalt Art Initiative wants to bring a boost of color to the streets of America’s small and mid-size cities.
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The 2010s Have Broken Our Sense Of Time

From www.buzzfeednews.com

The rhythms of American life changed in the 2010s. How everything from TV to Trump to Instagram messed with your head just enough that time feels like it melted.
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The Perfect Pair: When Startups and Government Thrive Together

From datasmart.ash.harvard.edu

Tech startups and the government may seem as diametrically opposed as legacy institutions and fast-moving disruptors can be, but opposites attract for a reason. Governments without innovation teams, or those that are eager to include more data and technology, have the chance to bring in assistance on a project basis through STiR.  

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The Problem with ‘Most Livable’ City Rankings

From www.citylab.com

What does it really mean when certain kinds of cities keep getting ranked as the world’s “most livable”?

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Bringing equity to the forefront of urban planning

From www.shareable.net

Some city planners implement equity planning; evaluating urban planning decisions through the prism of how they would affect the least advantaged residents.
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Public Art and the Art of Public Participation

From www.nationalcivicleague.org

Public art plays an invaluable role in the process of community building. Not only does it establish and beautify public spaces, it expresses and supports a sense of neighborhood history, culture and identity and helps drive economic vitality. One aspect of increasing interest is participatory public art, in which the public plays an active role rather than merely being appreciative viewers.
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4 Keys to Successful Content Engagement for Reports and Plans 

From konve.io

Plan documents. You know the type - long, squinty PDFs that can take forever to download and even longer to read. Community leaders want to share their plans and priorities with the public, but they’re typically not at the top of anyone’s reading list, and they certainly don’t provide opportunities
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To build trust, governments must learn how to collaborate

From apolitical.co

Trust slowly evolves when citizens, society, and governments collaborate and do it well. But it is not easy — so how can we do it effectively?
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Kids From Walkable Cities Gain Economic Mobility

From www.citylab.com

A new study finds that even considering other factors, the walkability of a child’s neighborhood has a direct correlation to increased adult earnings.
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What would a city of community-led solutions look like?

From futureofgood.co

If we tackle complex social issues without consulting affected communities, we're inevitably left with short-lived solutions.
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The Need for (Safe) Speed: 4 Surprising Ways Slower Driving Creates Better Cities

From www.wri.org

Reducing driving speeds won't just save lives. It can create healthier and more economically vibrant cities.
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SeeClickFix: Reflecting on 12 years connecting citizens and government

From luminategroup.com

SeeClickFix's Ben Berkowitz shares more about the company's recent acquisition and what the broader field might learn from their journey.
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Citizens’ assemblies go mainstream: a way to bring about radical change?

From www.positive.news

Citizens across the UK are convening to address issues such as the climate crisis and Brexit. Could they help to overcome political deadlock?
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The Significance of Young, Diverse Voices in Public Policy

From citiesspeak.org

How can we encourage young adults - particularly those of color, an often underrepresented demographic - to engage in the election process?
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Code for America at 10: Reflections on a Decade of Tech-Driven Engagement

From civichall.org

Jennifer Pahlka founded Code for America 10 years ago, and as she recently announced plans to step down, it's time to look back (and forward) at its work.
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The Use of “Storytelling” to Build Community #localgov

From elgl.org

This is the power of storytelling. It’s not the events you host or the broadcast of what the [insert local government here] is doing for its residents that generates this type of community experience and buy-in. It is the stories that we share, the personal connections made between individuals, that build communities where people want to live, work and play.
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Reimagining cities from the internet up

From www.sidewalklabs.com

Over the past year, Sidewalk Labs conducted a detailed thought experiment on the future of cities. Here’s what we learned, and how we hope to accelerate urban innovation.
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A real smart city doesn’t look like something from a science fiction movie

From www.citymetric.com

An abandoned mine shaft beneath the town of Mansfield, England is an unlikely place to shape the future of cities. But here, researchers from the nearby University of Nottingham are planning to launch a “deep farm” that could produce ten times as much food as farms above ground. Deep farms are an example of what the latest wave of smart cities look like: putting people first by focusing on solving urban problems and improving existing infrastructure, rather than opening shiny new buildings.
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The power of diversity: How local action can deliver on the global goals

From talkofthecities.iclei.org

This week in New York, heads of state and government have come together at the UN headquarters for two dedicated Summits on climate action and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As they gath…
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Cities want technology vendors that listen, not just 'sell stuff'

From statescoop.com

Officials have long complained of companies that offer products in search of a problem. New procurement strategies are cropping up as a result.
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How Taiwan's online democracy may show future of humans and machines

From www.smh.com.au

The speed our society evolves has passed the speed of legislation, but it can catch up. The internet could be the facilitation, and AI could be the catalyst.
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A Challenge Too Big For Big Plans

From www.strongtowns.org

We chose Memphis to kick off the Strong America Tour for a reason: the city is both an object lesson in what has gone wrong in American cities, and what could go right. And Memphis’s example helps us see why in places that are going to experience a renaissance, it’s going to come from the grassroots
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Designing Digital Technologies for Civic-Engagement amidst social media

From medium.com

While Facebook and Twitter are the dominant platforms for public discourse, governments are grappling with how policy discussions may be kept from going wayward. Much like Mr. Toad’s wild ride, the…
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Microsoft Could Open Up Governments Tomorrow

From medium.com

Word. Microsoft Word. The wordprocessing software that’s been around longer than some of us have been alive. It’s the software government runs on. But it’s also the software holding back governments…
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Teaching Community Changemaking Through Art

From springboardexchange.org

Artists are everywhere, on every block and in every community. Finding the opportunities for artists to share their creativity and …
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