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Where Code Meets Concrete

From urbanomnibus.net

Introducing the series Digital Frictions. What happens when the “smart city” encounters other forms of urban intelligence?
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Growing through Convening: The blossoming of the annual CTIF

From medium.com

In November 2018, the Civic Tech Innovation Network (CTIN) held its second convening of the civic tech community — an activity now honourably dubbed the annual Civic Tech Innovation Forum (CTIF)…
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The Commuting Principle That Shaped Urban History

From www.citylab.com

From ancient Rome to modern Atlanta, the shape of cities has been defined by the technologies that allow commuters to get to work in about 30 minutes.
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Redefining the Smart City Concept: A New Smart City Definition

From hub.beesmart.city

What is a smart city and what is the best strategic approach for cities? Explore the smart city definition and evolution of the concept and its relevance.
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Start-ups can show the way to public sector transformation

From www.publictechnology.net

Govtech has the potential to transform public services through the application of technology, to the benefit of service providers and citizens alike. This might include anything from better, smarter, more efficient transport systems, to greener more eco-friendly streets, to more accessible healthcare. In order to truly transform society, we need to transform government procurement policy and working practices

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Want to Start a Local Revolution? Ask a Kid This Question —

From www.strongtowns.org

I asked my daughter a simple question on the way to school one morning. Her response gave a valuable kids-eye-view of the neighborhood…both as it is and as it could be.
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Why Pedestrians Feel Ignored in Bike-Happy Amsterdam -Easing Tension Between Dutch Cyclists and Walkers

From www.citylab.com

The city government is studying pedestrian-cyclist conflicts as some residents complain of "antisocial" cyclist behavior and a lack of enforcement.
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Prototyping Engagement Workshops for the Future of Federal Data, Dashboards, and Storytelling

From digital.gov

User-centered design is critical for meetings—from the front lines to C-suite. How might we host more hands-on learning sessions and experience exchanges to improve and customize the way the federal workforce communicates to diverse stakeholders?
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Test. Learn. Adjust - The pop-up approach allows for continuous adaptation

From www.architects.org

As a result, pop-up-driven customer-experience elements—engaging, flexible, and multifunctional—are weaving their way into all market sectors and public institutions. Companies are also using the ethos of the test-and-learn model to create a framework to continually adapt their spaces to allow for rapid response to user needs and feedback.
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Kenya taps innovative digital mapping to enhance public participation

From blogs.worldbank.org

OpenStreetMap of Kenya Kenya is well known for its innovation in technology, particularly mobile technology in cash transfers. These innovations have largely been championed by the private sector and young entrepreneurs. 

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U.S. civic tech, ten years in: Building on progress to tap civic tech’s full potential

From luminategroup.com

The U.S. Luminate team turned to Dalberg to identify and analyze trends and lessons from the last decade of U.S. civic tech. We hope the findings will inform not only our work going forward, but also that of our partners and co-investors.
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Is there a good way to evaluate the impact of civic tech?

From sunlightfoundation.com

As open government and civic tech movements seek to understand how our work affects social inequalities, organizations and their leaders will need more nuanced and explicit ways to communicate how government reforms that use tech and data can generate impact. 

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Expand Your Audience for Better Community Engagement

From www.bangthetable.com

Bang the Table’s Engagement Manager, Casey Earp, and City of Golden, Colorado’s Senior Planner, Amber Wesner share some tricks of the trade for expanding your audience. 

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Why Uber Drivers Are Fighting For Their Data

From www.citylab.com

Uber drivers in Europe and the U.S. are fighting for access to their personal data. Whoever wins the lawsuit could get to reframe the terms of the gig economy.
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Parks make great places, but not enough Americans can reach them

From www.brookings.edu

Brookings' experts Joseph W. Kane and Adie Tomer examine the vital role parks play in metropolitan America.
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9 Low or No-Cost Ways to Get Youth Involved in Local Government

From elgl.org

We all want to make sure youth engage in local government. We need them to be considering jobs in local government for the future. There are many ways we can do this, but budget resources can be a challenge. So, here are nine low or no-cost ways you can engage youth in local government.
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What's New in Civic Tech: Grants Now Available Through Seattle's Technology Matching Fund

From www.govtech.com

Plus, Los Angeles seeks participants for its 2018 DataLA Summer Academy; Washington, D.C., vastly expands its number of open data sets; and Seward County, Neb., works to attract public-private investments for broadband infrastructure.
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Smart cities sounds magical, but civic tech gets it done

From www.datadoodle.com

Louisville, Kentucky’s chief technology officer works with the Code for America Brigade captain every day. That sounds to me like a good way to start building a smart city. But there’s …
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The Urban Water Crisis May Be Worse Than It Looks

From www.citylab.com

A new WRI report on 15 cities across the Global South reveals that access to safe drinking water is often underestimated—and the challenge will only get worse.
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How Distance to School Affects Student Well-Being

From www.citylab.com

Children who live farther away from their schools get significantly less sleep and exercise, new research shows.
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How to get more young people involved in civic tech, according to young people

From www.fedscoop.com

The federal government’s tech workforce, much like the government’s workforce writ large, needs an influx of young talent. But what does it take to attract young people? On Thursday, a few certified ambassadors of the young — namely a panel of Coding it Forward’s summer 2019 Civic Digital Fellows — offered their perspective during the program’s …
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New Local Government Research Findings in Community Engagement and 311-Customer Relationship Management

From icma.org

ICMA launched its sixth special section of LGR: Local Government Review in the July 2019 issue of Public Management (PM) magazine. This two-article issue, which includes two special survey infographics, is filled with key research findings and expert insights on local government issues and trends.
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Apple and New Museum team up for choreographed urban AR art tours

From archpaper.com

The [AR]T app, available in six cities on August 10, will let iPhone owners take art tours through augmented reality courtesy of Apple and the New Museum.
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Civic Tech Fellows Offer Their Ideas for Attracting Youth to Public Service

From www.nextgov.com

After just 10 weeks in government, the Coding It Forward fellows were able to succinctly identify the promise and challenges in getting young people to join the government.
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The Newest Tech Distruption: Local Government - Measure What Matters

From www.whatmatters.com

Code for America's Jennifer Pahlka and Lou Moore explain how the nonprofit uses OKRs to defeat local government bureaucracy.
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