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Confessions of a Digital Undertaker: The Realities of Innovation in Cities

From www.govloop.com

I’m over government “innovation.” Not because innovation isn’t conceptually important, but because of the term carries a sense of ownership relegated to a chosen few in any given organization.
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(Re)coding communities for smart growth

From formbasedcodes.org

There’s a secret weapon available to communities that want to modernize their zoning codes and help make smarter growth the norm. FBCI’s Codes for Communities is a wide-ranging technical assistance program at Smart Growth America that covers all kinds of zoning reform and guidance on form-based codes. In just two years, the program has had tremendous …
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What is the Value of Data? Improving Lives through Open Data

From digitalagenda.io

Making data work for social good requires bolder approaches to managing government data as a critical, open public asset. 
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Why Isn’t Civic Technology Living up to its Promises?

From medium.com

Online and digital technologies that provide a link between the government and the governed are increasing everywhere around the world. These technologies have the potential to build government…
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Toyota unveils plan to build 'city of the future' near Mount Fuji

From www.theguardian.com

Carmaker plans sustainable city that runs on hydrogen fuel cells, initially houses 2,000 people and uses internet technology in virtually all aspects of life
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Civic engagement 3.0 – Reconsidering the roles of citizens in city-making

From www.yss.fi

In urban regions worldwide, collaborative approaches to city-making flourish. This has traditionally been a top-down exercise but is now increasingly also bottom-up.

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Expectation versus Reality of Five Years in Gov Tech

From www.govtech.com

We asked five leaders in the gov tech market what they expected to happen in the past five years that did — or did not — come to pass. Their answers offer insight into what ground was gained and where there’s room to grow.
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Beyond the Diet: 7 New Year's Resolutions for Your Neighborhood

From www.strongtowns.org

Get in shape. Get organized. Read more. Most New Year’s resolutions are focused on personal improvement. These are important, but what if this year we resolved to improve our places too?
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How One Opportunity Zone Fund Hopes to Set an Example for Others

From nextcity.org

Opportunity Zones are creating "offshore tax havens" inside the United States, one researcher says. But some funds are trying to think different.
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How Civic Engagement Can Transform Community Relationships

From zencity.io

Civic engagement trends are on the rise and cities around the globe are realizing they need to go beyond traditional tools for new kinds of civic engagement. That’s because City Halls have discovered a plain and simple fact: once residents are engaged, they are a powerful force that can significantly improve the quality of life in a city.
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Cities Race to Slow Climate Change—and Improve Life for All

From www.wired.com

Mayors across the world say we all need to consider how urban planning and climate intersect with well-being.
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Civic Engagement: Themes & Lessons

From datasmart.ash.harvard.edu

This literature review distillation on civic engagement material focuses on the general themes, recommendations and challenges gleaned from academic journals, media articles and nonprofit briefs from literature reviews collected this year.

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How Your New Year's Resolutions Can Make Your City Better

From www.huffingtonpost.ca

At this time of year, most of us are thinking hard about New Year's resolutions to make our personal, family and professional lives better. But before we finalize the list of losing weight, balancing our household finances, or cleaning out that back closet, what if we picked a few that could improve our lives, while ALSO improving our cities, towns and communities?
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Next City’s 19 Best Solutions of 2019

From nextcity.org

From St. Louis’s equity analysis to studying bell hooks in prison to free childcare at city meetings, a look back at the stories that inspired us this year.

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Emerging Digital Technologies & Citizen Participation - Eleven Predictions on the Influence of Emerging Technologies

From www.citizentech.org

Will digital technologies, both those that are already widespread and those that are still emerging, have substantial impacts on the way citizens engage and the ways through which power is sought, used, or contested?
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Strength In Numbers: The Importance of the 2020 Census

From www.livingcities.org

The census holds power to bring visibility, resources and political agency to our communities. It's up to us to share the facts and mobilize each other around the upcoming census, so that our communities receive equitable resources and representation in the coming decade.
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Top 12 CityMaking Movements of the 2010s! 

From www.stateofplace.co

It’s kinda hard to believe - actually, it’s mind-blowingly hard - that we are nearing the dawn of 2020! We’re officially back to the future, folks! And boy has the world of planning and development exponentially changed over this past decade. 2010 seems like ancient history - we were knee-deep into

Who’s winning the race to shape our urban future? 

From medium.com

In the past month I’ve visited two cities — Barcelona and Beijing — pursuing drastically different directions to the smart, technology-enabled city of the future. I know which of the urban visions I…

More Than a Developer: My Adventures in Civic Tech - Coding it Forward

From blog.codingitforward.com

I often think back to a specific day in the fall semester of my junior year. I’m sitting in the Computer Science (CS) lounge early one Saturday morning, waiting for the Data Structures and…
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2020: the decade of digital government

From medium.com

Every digital team knows the tremendous value of a retrospective — creating a safe space to reflect on and discuss what worked well and what didn’t, so that we continuously improve for the future…
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Why Car-Free Streets Will Soon Be the Norm

From www.citylab.com

In cities like New York, Paris, Rotterdam, and soon San Francisco, car-free streets are emerging amid a growing movement.
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A decade of smart city projects: What worked and what didn't

From www.techrepublic.com

Cities have learned that residents offer an important real-world reality check on tech-centric and data-driven work.
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