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This Underground Urban Farm Also Heats The Building Above It

From www.fastcompany.com

Truly local food is when it’s grown in your basement. Plantagon CityFarm wants to create a network of underground urban farms–and whole skyscrapers filled with plants.
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How to Turn a Major Road Into a Pedestrian Dream

From www.citylab.com

London’s plans for Oxford Street show that even the busiest roads can ban vehicles—but there's one major misstep.
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Civic Tech: Sidewalk Labs is selling quality of life, but is Toronto buying?

From torontoist.com

Never Too Soon for Mission Creep At Sidewalk Lab’s first public meeting last Wednesday, both CEO Dan Doctoroff and Waterfront Toronto’s Will Fleissig spoke
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Imagining Equity: Minneapolis 2040's Unique Mobile Engagement Tool

From www.minneapolis2040.com

Minneapolis artists Molly Van Avery and Mike Hoyt have designed and built a mobile engagement tool called Imagining Equity that invites people to draw or write their ideas about a Minneapolis in 2040 that is healing and reconciling from the negative impacts of inequity. Molly and Mike designed this tool in collaboration with City staff to inform the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update. You can interact with Imagining Equity at events throughout the summer, including Juneteenth, Somali Indenpendence Day, and several Open Streets events around the city.
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Civic Tech: On Google, Sidewalk Labs, and Smart Cities

From torontoist.com

Waterfront Toronto announced last week that Google-affiliated company Sidewalk Labs won the bid to be the “innovation and funding partner” on developing th
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Maricopa County, AZ Improves Business Opportunities with SolSmart Designation

From www.nationalcivicleague.org

SolSmart provides recognition and no-cost technical assistance to help local governments reduce barriers to solar energy growth. With the help  of national and local experts, cities, counties, and towns are cutting red tape to make it easier for homes and businesses to go solar.

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What Does an 8 80 City Mean to Torontonians

From www.880cities.org

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn This was a busy summer for the 8 80 Cities team. We spent the last few months working on different projects, in Canada, the U.S. and abroad. From Ajax to San Jose to Miami (just to name a few), we’ve hoste
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Virtual flowers and tomatoes: citizen participation in Taiwan

From waag.org

Through platforms such as vTaiwan and Pol.is, the democracy of Taiwan is starting to make moves towards becoming one of the first liquid democracies in the world. This development did not happen out of nowhere.
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Boston Promotes Youth Civic Advocacy Through Pokémon GO

From blogs.microsoft.com

During the months of July and August, the Engagement Lab at Emerson College and ENGAGE Boston, in partnership with the City of Boston and Niantic, Inc, the publisher and developer of the interactive mobile game Pokémon GO, launched a youth-led, city-wide creative competition to promote equitable representation of Boston neighborhoods in the popular mobile game, Pokémon GO.
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The 'Art of the Possible': Santa Monica's New Downtown Community Plan

From www.planningreport.com

The Planning Report is the insider's guide to urban planning and infrastructure in Southern California
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Public art isn’t just a way to fill space. It can turn whole communities around.

From ggwash.org

Last month, Ben’s Chili Bowl unveiled a new mural. The display brought a crowd of people outside to reflect on the bright colors, cultural touchstones, and iconic images that represent DC, U Street, and the history of the local black community.  It also got me thinking about how public art fits into public space.
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Citizen Planners Meet to Discuss Barriers, Issues Facing the Planning Community

From mdplanningblog.com

The Maryland Planning Commissioners Association’s (MPCA) Outreach project is off to a hot start this summer. With two focus group meetings in the books and five to go, members of Maryland’s planning community are embracing the effort and expressing their opinions. The MPCA hosted the first meeting in Calvert County and the local press took…
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Mid-sized Albuquerque Brings Big-Time Data Game – What Works Cities

From medium.com

For the City of Albuquerque, open data has become a path to open communication with the community, making a more resident-friendly city, and saving public funds. Those efforts are proving so fruitful…
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Mifflin Square Park improvements start with small moves, build toward big change

From planphilly.com

The typical hallmarks of a neighborhood convening were there: Parents dutifully pointing their smartphones at their teenagers dancing on the stage. Neighbors milling about…
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6 Ways the City of Decatur Became a Model of Inclusion, Diversity & Citizen Engagement

From citiesspeak.org

The city's Better Together initiative has resulted in a community action plan focused on six steps that promote equity and community dialogue among residents. This is a guest post by Linda Harris. What is the role of local government in creating a space for community dialogue among residents? How do you bring everyone to the…
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Philadelphia Wants to Remedy an Urban Renewal Failure

From nextcity.org

In the Eastwick neighborhood, the city will have to navigate community engagement, competing plans and climate change.
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Engaging Pittsburgh’s Bus Stops: Bus Stops as Public Spaces - Project for Public Spaces

From www.pps.org

As the host of 18th Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place conference in Pittsburgh, PA, Project for Public Spaces vowed to install community-based Lighter-Quicker-Cheaper (LQC) projects that brought placemaking to Pittsburgh and connected our conference to the community. We wanted to generate an exciting project that combined the spirit of active transportation and Placemaking with Pittsburgh’s unique neighborhoods.
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Lessons from India in building urban resilience

From www.citiscope.org

In a new book, the people behind a well-known Indian consultancy and think tank discuss what they've learned working in cities.
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Chicago Youth Help Decide Where Public Funds Go

From nextcity.org

Of the city's 50 wards, nine are using participatory budgeting to engage residents in spending decisions.
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City of Orlando advances new ‘Smart ORL’ initiative, aims to become prototype city for smart cities technologies

From www.brookings.edu

Orlando has used the 'Green Works Orlando' program to serve as a central platform to enhance the city’s long-term sustainability. It’s breadth of focus areas demonstrate how seriously they take the concept of environmental sustainability.
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