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Smart cities will soon buzz with drones prone to hacking, conflicts

From readwrite.com

A new report warns of the threat posed by fleets of municipal drones that are vulnerable to hacking and interoperability problems.
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Europe to lead world's smart cities by 2040

From cities-today.com

European smart cities could transform the continent's urban landscape in less than three decades, says Jeremy Rifkin.
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One of these 10 municipalities may be the next smartest city in the US - TechRepublic

From www.techrepublic.com

The 10 finalists have been announced for a smart city grant program, and five will receive workshops to help them pursue their goals toward becoming smarter.
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An Introduction to Service-Learning and Community Engagement as Co-Inquiry

From www.centerforengagedlearning.org

In this set of blog posts my co-authors and I seek to introduce the “lay of the land” in SLCE (related to both implementing it and studying it), to highlight resources we find useful, and to encourage participation in the ongoing growth of the movement.

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Equitable Placemaking: Not the End, but the Means - Project for Public Spaces

From www.pps.org

Project-led or design-led development of places misses out on the core function of real Placemaking: the connecting and lifting-up of human spirits.
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How Cities Can Help Local Institutions Monetize Their Data

From www.governing.com

With a new online marketplace, Copenhagen is trying to enable an 'access economy'
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The future of public sectors in a citizen-centric digital world

From www.urenio.org

Read this report from Hewlett Packard Enterprise to learn how governments can be more efficient, agile and resilient, and help drive economic growth, impro
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CTO Download: Designing Digital Strategy to Empower Prosperity | EfficientGov

From efficientgov.com

By overcoming challenges, mastering data and pursuing continuous innovation through digital strategy, IT can empower city government to achieve more.
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Internet of Things and smart cities: Seven things you need to know

From theinternetofallthings.com

From a technological viewpoint, IoT technologies are an integral and important element of all smart city deployments. They provide Internet-based connectivity across various sensors and devices in the urban environment.
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Happy Citizen Design - the future of living

From www.happycitizendesign.com

We believe cities should be designed around happiness, not technology or efficiency. We believe in co-creation of fun, engaging and happy citizen spaces, one project at a time, one neighborhood at a time to make the world a happy place again.
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Smart Cities: Montreal

From www.cio.com

Montreal's smart city strategy is built on strong partnerships with its vibrant community of startups. Computerworld braved a blustery winter storm to see what this Quebecois city has to offer.
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Trusting the numbers: How to measure poll credibility

From icitizen.com

Sample size, margin of error – what does all this polling jargon mean? Learn the ins and outs of what makes an effective poll in this blog.
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Request for Startups: News, Jobs, and Democracy

From blog.ycombinator.com

If you’re working on a startup or non-profit that addresses news, the future of work, or improving democracy, we’d love to see you apply.
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Urban Transit and Sustainable Networks

From www.ierek.com

Urban Transit Planning is constituted through defining goals and objectives, identifying problems, generating alternatives, evaluating alternatives, and dev
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Impact, Investment And Demand: Three Pillars For Civic Tech Success

From techcrunch.com

Last year was one of great momentum for civic tech. We saw more people and resources than ever enter the space, garnering interest from startups,..
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3 Insights from NLC’s Smart Cities Report

From www.statetechmagazine.com

The National League of Cities study includes recommendations on how governments can more effectively implement smart technology.
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A blueprint for smart city success

From www.rics.org

The city of Glasgow is acting as a national and global blueprint to demonstrate the additional value of making cities "smart". So what can we learn from Glasgow about the shape and advantages of our future cities?
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Zaha Hadid: her life and legacy

From www.youtube.com

Zaha Hadid, who died on 31 March 2016, was a world-famous architect. In life, she was respected or reviled, but seldom ignored. Born in Baghdad in 1950, a
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Placemaking for Peacemaking

From www.pps.org

How can we use placemaking as a strategy to promote peacemaking in vulnerable cities, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa region?

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The Next 5 Years in Open Data: 3 Key Trends to Watch (Industry Perspective)

From www.digitalcommunities.com

Open data is now table stakes, and any government that is not participating is behind its peers.
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