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We should create cities for slowing down

From theconversation.com

Smart cities are usually optimised like a business for speed and efficiency. Placemaking can slow down cities to improve health and wellbeing and promote more democratic engagement of citizens.
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Designed to Engage: The Promise (and Pitfalls) of the Public Art Boom

From www.insidephilanthropy.com

Interest in public art is surging as funders look for new ways to engage audiences. We take a deep dive into who's funding what in this space, and some questions that are arising.


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Toronto Public Library forges new space for makers as core to its digital transformation

From www.itworldcanada.com

Picture this: a video studio with a green screen that you can book, an array of Raspberry Pi devices, and 3D printers complete with lessons on how to use them.
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6 Mapping Tools to Help Understand Your City

From www.strongtowns.org

Want to you calculate your state's transportation spending? How about
identify distressed communities in your area? These mapping tools will help
you do the job.
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Citizen power across the world

From mycommunity.org.uk

While taking a year off to travel around the world with her family, Miriam Levin has been looking at new models of participatory democracy that puts decision-making power in the hands of the citizens.   When 40,000 people in Brazil emailed all the Congress party leaders on one day, they stopped a law granting amnesty for corruption …
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CIRCLE's RAYSE Index - Investing in Youth Civic Engagement

From www.civicyouth.org

A strong civic life depends on ALL, not just some, youth participating. The RAYSE Index uses data to identify where investments could be made to improve youth civic engagement.
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Poems That Show How Gentrification Is Personal

From www.citylab.com

To close out National Poetry Month, we rounded up poems that translate gentrification and the housing crisis into personal terms.
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Lyft Shuttle Test in Chicago and San Francisco Sure Does Resemble a Bus

From www.planetizen.com

Lyft's shuttle service runs along a pre-determined route during peak commuting times and you can pay for it with your Lyft app. Silicon Valley companies seem to love the word innovate, but the new shuttle service from Lyft feels like bus service.
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Entrepreneurs across the country will power America’s next wave of innovation

From www.therenewalproject.com

Celebrating innovation, strength, and ingenuity in communities across the country
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City Leaders – Here’s Why the Better Buildings Summit Should Be on Your Calendar

From citiesspeak.org

More than 900 participants at the Department of Energy's 2017 Better Buildings Summit will share proven approaches to cutting energy use in their buildings over the next 10 years. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is hosting the Better Buildings Summit May 15–17 in Washington, D.C. The Better Buildings Summit is a national meeting where…
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Why Hyperlocal News Matters

From rosehillnewsonline.wordpress.com

By Aimee Winkfield Rose Hill News is a free hyperlocal newspaper that gets delivered to 3000+ homes and businesses in and around the Rose Hill estate. The news gets written by local residents who volunteer their time to write about what goes on in their community. Although the Oxford Mail also covers Rose Hill from…
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Toronto’s young people are starting to interrupt the not-in-my-backyard chorus

From www.theglobeandmail.com

Smart, young city-loving people are speaking out for a denser and ultimately more affordable city
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The Pursuit of Civic Innovation ROI

From meetingoftheminds.org

Conventional wisdom on Civic Innovation is that we have all the right ingredients to change government: The timing, the talent, and the technology are all
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Smart Mobility Summit 2017

From smart.labcities.com

** Enjoy a 20% DISCOUNT to attend this event with the exclusive promo code: SMS17LC **

Smart Mobility Summit is a unique event that focuses on the transformational technologies and business models that are currently revolutionising our industry. Next generation mobile technologies, smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) offer potentially massive opportunities, but significant challenges too. Our event brings together the entire spectrum of stakeholders to not only inform and educate,
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Civic engagement, not civic participation – Open Savannah

From medium.com

Building a grassroots civic-tech ecosystem in a metro area the size of Savannah, Ga. requires more than just recruiting local developers and designers to join in and volunteer for a shared civic…
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Boss, it’s my civic engagement day

From blog.timesunion.com

Likening off-time for civic engagement to be as important as off-time for vacation, sickness or family time, tech startup Polaroid Swing publicly announced that it is offering paid time off for emp…
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So, You Want to Start an Email Newsletter? Five Reasons You Should

From mediashift.org

Newsletters are booming. It seems like just about every news organization has one -- or several -- and VCs are lining up to invest in businesses like The Skimm, Axios, and The Hustle. Email is not new. It was the first widespread mode of communication online.
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It’s a Little Plano in Here: How a Reality Television Show Supercharged Engagement

From elgl.org

Editor’s Note: Retweet this article on Twitter and you’re entered into a drawing for free “It’s a Little Plano in Here” gear. How a Reality Television Show Supercharge…
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No More Trickle Down #CivicTech 

From medium.com

at the Code for America Summit confirmed it for me: We have come to a critical moment in the history of civic technology. For years now, we’ve told a story about “civic tech” that made it out to be…
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Reflecting on 5 Years of Chi Hack Night

From chihacknight.org

Today marks Chi Hack Night’s 250th event and **5 year anniversary**! Yes, we've been doing this for 5 years, and what a ride it’s been! For the occasion, we invited our members, alumni and past presenters to share how Chi Hack Night and it's community has affected or benefited them. We were floored by your responses. It turns out you like us! You really like us!
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We Shape Buildings, But Do Buildings Really Shape Us?

From commonedge.org

It’s an article of faith for most architects and designers, but the scientific evidence for this belief is sadly lacking.
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