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Parklets 5.0 at New Partners for Smart Growth

From thefield.asla.org

This February, in St. Louis, MO, the New Partners for Smart Growth (NPSG) conference hosted a unique set of spaces that have become a tradition of the conference. Parklets 5.0 was the fifth annual initiative to bring the urban green space movement indoors. Parklets are parking space-sized areas used for recreational, community gathering, or beautification…
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The world's smartest cities: What IoT and smart governments will mean for you - TechRepublic

From www.techrepublic.com

Intelligent cities are at the forefront of the next wave of the Internet of Things. The goals are to streamline communication and improve the lives of citizens. And save a little money along the way.
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A Better Way to Boost Civic Engagement

From nationswell.com

NationSwell Council member MacKenzie Moritz pairs those interested in public service with appropriate organizations, creating a more perfect union.
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New Revenue for News: 52 Ideas to Support Local Journalism

From medium.com

This morning I spoke to 20 journalists who are enrolled in CUNY’s Summer Entrepreneurial Journalism Training about alternative revenue streams and business models for news. Below is a list of 52…
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Great idea: Tactical urbanism

From www.cnu.org

The latest trend in urban design and planning gets them off of the paper and out of a big room, testing ideas in the real world. It is fun and hands-on, and making many converts.
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How to Influence Local Government (When the Ball Is Passed, Be Ready to Shoot)

From elgl.org

We asked “what are specific actions for increasing your influence on the local level?” ELGL has responded swiftly and specifically. Sign up to share your ideas in the new Engaging Local…
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To Cut Car Pollution, Ask Drivers to 'Think of Yourself'

From www.citylab.com

Researchers tested different road signs to prevent drivers from idling their engines. “Big Brother” eyes helped, but a simple appeal to the “private self” did even more.
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Dare to Be Cheeky in Your Public Outreach

From elgl.org

This is the first column by our new organizational member Peak Democracy. Marlena Medford is the Director of Government Outreach and Communications for Peak Democracy, which offers a line of civic …
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Gamification: Governments Use Gaming Principles to Get Citizens Involved

From www.govtech.com

Gaming mechanics are changing how people engage online and in real-life activities — can they remake government’s relationship with employees and citizens?
EngagingCities Staff:

From the archives...

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How U.S. Communities Are Adapting to Climate Change - Urban Land Magazine

From urbanland.uli.org

Taking the necessary steps to prepare for climate change—and the extreme weather events that go along with it—can be a daunting task. A new report includes separate case studies of distinct adaptation actions from a diverse group of 17 communities across the nation from Boston to El Paso, Texas.
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Introduction to Charrettes

From courses.planetizen.com

This course introduces the NCI System, a collaborative, design-based approach to public involvement. Topics covered include the biggest challenges to community planning, the origin of the charrette, and how to prepare for and conduct a charrette, as well as how to take a project through to adoption.

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How to Teach Your Kids About Civic Responsibility

From www.parent.co

Sometimes we need a shake up to wake up. How can we use this time to teach our children the importance of civic engagement?
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An Introduction to Service-Learning and Community Engagement as Co-Inquiry

From www.centerforengagedlearning.org

In this set of blog posts my co-authors and I seek to introduce the “lay of the land” in SLCE (related to both implementing it and studying it), to highlight resources we find useful, and to encourage participation in the ongoing growth of the movement.

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How Cities Can Help Local Institutions Monetize Their Data

From www.governing.com

With a new online marketplace, Copenhagen is trying to enable an 'access economy'
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Trusting the numbers: How to measure poll credibility

From icitizen.com

Sample size, margin of error – what does all this polling jargon mean? Learn the ins and outs of what makes an effective poll in this blog.
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Journals publishing on community engagement

From sustainingcommunity.wordpress.com

What journals publish articles on community engagement? To find out I did a search in two large databases (Proquest and EBSCO) for any articles in scholarly journals that had "community engagement" in their title, to identify which Journals had the most articles. I was surprised by the results. In Proquest there were 742 results and…
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As faith in government falters, data science and technology can help

From techcrunch.com

With faith in government at an all-time low, it’s time for mayors, county executives and governors to do one concrete thing to make the delivery of..
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4 Expert Tips on Launching a Community Organization

From www.shareable.net

Community groups have the power to create long-lasting change. Ioby, an organization based in New York City, New York, that works on neighborhood mobilization, recently published its "Recipes for Change" toolkit. The guide is brimming with tips on how to organize, launch, and promote community-based projects. It's a must read if you're interested in starting a community garden, tool library, or other sharing projects in your neighborhood. Here are some key points mentioned in the guide:  
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Democracy in the Classroom: A Hands-On Learning Experience Through Voting on School Budget Priorities

From www.truth-out.org

Democracy doesn't just have to be something students learn in textbooks. It can also be taught through participatory budgeting, a system of direct democracy and power. In an era of cutbacks and attacks on democracy, the funds for teaching participatory budgeting need to be made a priority.
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How Can Artificial Intelligence Impact Smart Cities?

From electronicdesign.com

Industry analyst Susan Etlinger shares her views on where AI technology is now, what needs to change for it to evolve, and its future as a utility.
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