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Advice for Ethical Use of Data and Technology in the Nonprofit Sector

From www.plusacumen.org

Discover the greatest challenges and opportunities for nonprofits leveraging data and technology in this expert interview with Civic Hall, a collaborative community center dedicated to embedding civic values at the intersection of tech and society.
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Participatory budgeting: When government really is by the people

From thenextsystem.org

This week we are talking about deepening democracy in our communities through participatory budgeting and participatory decision making more broadly.
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How Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper Interventions Can Catalyze City-Wide Renewal

From www.pps.org

Marcus Westbury of Renew Australia reveals insights on a new model for revitalization that harnesses the creativity of the local community and explains ways that "cheap" place-by-place interventions can create new life for an entire district.
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