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Black Landscapes Matter: Interview with Walter Hood, ASLA

From dirt.asla.org

Walter Hood, ASLA, author of “Black Landscapes Matter”, discusses planning and designing landscapes that allow for a diversity of narratives and perspectives, instead of homogenized landscapes that just say one thing to one group of people.

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How Urban Design Perpetuates Racial Inequality–And What We Can Do About It

From www.fastcompany.com

Our cities weren’t created equal, but they don’t have to stay that way. Cities are complex organisms shaped by myriad forces, but their organization bears the fingerprints of planners and policy makers who have shaped them for decades. At the root of many of these practices is racism, and modern cities bear the legacy of that discrimination.

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Our Data, our Cities - Building a Global Data Commons

From 20.re-publica.com

Data ownership is broken. Whilst national governments are not yet owning up to the responsibility of building public service alternatives to big data corporations, some cities around the world are testing new approaches in putting people back in control of their data and using it for the public good.

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Unprecedented: Breaking silos to build solutions

From medium.com

In our Unprecedented series, we’re introducing you to public servants and civic tech practitioners whose work is making a real difference for residents during COVID-19. Chime in on Twitter using the #unprecedented hashtag.

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Wellness Through Urbanism: An Interview with James Nozar on Tampa's Water Street

From urbandesignforum.org

Doubling the size of Tampa’s downtown, Water Street re-envisions 53 acres of the city’s underutilized waterfront as the world’s first WELL-certified neighborhood. Designed to promote physical and mental health, the new neighborhood includes amenities like advanced recycling systems, outdoor physical activity programming, and a community wellness center.

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The City Planner Behind Parks and Rec

From elgl.org

Interview with the the lucky local government professional who was hired as a consultant for the show “Parks and Recreation.” 

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How will Coronavirus change professional and social life in cities?

From www.centreforcities.org

Professor Richard Florida says after some initial adjustments, cities will continue to play a central role in the national economy.

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Transportation Talk with AMATS Director Curtis Baker and City Architecture Principal Alex Pesta

From amatsplanning.org

In this March 2020 episode of Transportation Talk, AMATS Director Curtis Baker and City Architecture Principal Alex Pesta have a freewheeling discussion regarding the transportation planning process – not only in the Greater Akron area – but across the nation.  Baker Other topics discussed by the duo include the importance of public engagement and the …

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Opening Data is Not Enough: How to Become a Human-Driven City

From medium.com

One of the crucial first steps to creating a local government that works for residents is for cities to publish their information and data for anyone to access, but the truth is that open datasets…
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Warren Logan Wants the Bay Area to Plan With Him

From www.citylab.com

Warren Logan, a Bay Area transportation planner, has new ideas about how to truly engage diverse communities in city planning. Hint: It starts with listening.
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How Atlanta is transforming itself into one of the top smart cities in the world

From www.techrepublic.com

Cynthia Curry, director IoT ecosystem expansion at the Metro Atlanta Chamber, outlines the areas of emphasis city and business leaders in Atlanta, GA, identified to transform Atlanta into a leading smart city.
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Advice for Ethical Use of Data and Technology in the Nonprofit Sector

From www.plusacumen.org

Discover the greatest challenges and opportunities for nonprofits leveraging data and technology in this expert interview with Civic Hall, a collaborative community center dedicated to embedding civic values at the intersection of tech and society.
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Participatory budgeting: When government really is by the people

From thenextsystem.org

This week we are talking about deepening democracy in our communities through participatory budgeting and participatory decision making more broadly.
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How Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper Interventions Can Catalyze City-Wide Renewal

From www.pps.org

Marcus Westbury of Renew Australia reveals insights on a new model for revitalization that harnesses the creativity of the local community and explains ways that "cheap" place-by-place interventions can create new life for an entire district.
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