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Virtual city council meetings are boom or bust for local governments

From statescoop.com

While some report the forced digitization is improving civic engagement, technological gaffs have also created confusion and slowed proceedings.

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City of London to widen pavements and ban cars on its narrow streets

From www.timeout.com

As the nationwide lockdown eases and people think about heading back to work, plans have been made to make sure people can safely get around the city while remaining two metres apart from each other.

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Sidewalk Labs’ plan to make Toronto a ‘smart’ city was destined to fail

From www.curbed.com

Less than a year ago, Sidewalk Labs unveiled plans to test fantastical urban innovations across a 12-acre swath of Toronto’s waterfront. Now, the most ambitious project from Google’s urban-planning arm has been called off.

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Minneapolis’ Secret 2040 Sauce was Engagement

From streets.mn

Authentic community engagement was crucial to creating and passing the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan and the elimination of single-family zoning.

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How Minneapolis Freed Itself From the Stranglehold of Single-Family Homes

From www.politico.com

"We’ve avoided a political coalition between folks who want to stop development and [those who] support progressive change,” said Lisa Bender, Minneapolis’ city council president. “In Minneapolis, for now, we have a political coalition that is supportive of adding more housing and demanding a race-equity approach to housing access." 

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Jane Up North: How Jane Jacobs' spirit lives on in Toronto

From www.curbed.com

In concrete terms, Jacobs' advocacy for dense, mixed-use, utterly urban neighborhoods has helped shape Toronto, but more broadly, her legacy is a spirit of activism and engagement with the city. 

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What’s New in Civic Tech: States Build COVID-19 Tracking Apps

From www.dailyrepublic.com

As discussion about when and how to essentially re-open society in America continues, states have started to build apps to track the spread of COVID-19. Utah, North Dakota and South Dakota are three such states.

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Local Approaches to Serving Vulnerable Populations

From citiesofservice.org

Earlier this week, Cities of Service assembled city staff and civic engagement experts for a facilitated discussion on how city governments are meeting the immediate needs of their communities, with a focus on especially vulnerable residents during the COVID-19 outbreak. Here is some of the great advice from our panelists.

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Cities play 'matchmaker' to connect residents, services amid pandemic

From www.smartcitiesdive.com

Experts discuss how cities like Seattle and St. Paul, MN are leveraging community organizations to better mitigate COVID-19.

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How volunteers from tech companies like Amazon, Apple and Google built a coronavirus-tracking site in six days

From www.cnbc.com

Volunteers from Amazon, Alphabet and other tech companies worked with public health experts to set up a COVID-19 monitoring website.
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How cooperation is keeping Amsterdam moving

From www.weforum.org

The key to reshaping urban mobility systems for the future is cooperation, as Amsterdam has discovered. What can other cities learn from the Dutch capital?
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Luxembourg becomes first country to offer free public transport for all

From www.intelligenttransport.com

Luxembourg has reportedly become the first country in the world to completely abolish fares for trains, trams and buses nationwide.
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The Particular Challenge of Community Engagement in Chinatown

From nextcity.org

“I’m okay with being unpolished and scrappy,” Kong tells Next City later. “I don’t need it to be perfect, the whole purpose is for people to get together and feel together.”

The evening was emblematic of the particular challenges and opportunities for community engagement and planning in Chinatowns across the U.S

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Post-It Note City

From placesjournal.org

A visit to the smart-city-in-progress at Sidewalk Toronto prompts questions about what it means to “participate” in civic design.
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Overhauling San Francisco Government for the Digital Age

From www.sfweekly.com

Maybe no one expects interacting with city government to be simple. But why shouldn’t it be?
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‘IKEA, but for Parks’ Project Streamlines Community Green Space Development

From nextcity.org

The "Park in a Truck" project aims to make building a park as easy as picking up flat-packed furniture.
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Paris Municipal Election Hinges on Big Ambitions

From www.citylab.com

Boosted by big sustainability wins, Mayor Anne Hidalgo is pitching bold plans to make the city center “100 percent bicycle” and turn office space into housing.
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Homelessness is not inevitable and can be solved – these cities show us how

From www.theguardian.com

Big national strategies often struggle to make progress but, from Trieste to Helsinki, individual cities are reducing – and even ending – homelessness
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In Miami, Velocia rewards commuters who use anything but a car

From www.fastcompany.com

Velocia, Miami’s new transit app, creates a virtuous cycle by giving you free rides when you use any transportation option that isn’t a private car.
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Tacoma’s Map to a More Equitable Future

From nextcity.org

Color matters. When Alison Beason was creating the color scheme for the City of Tacoma’s Equity Index, she thought deeply about what it would mean for folks in her city to see yet another map of their communities overlaid with some form of data.

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How Barcelona is leading a new era of digital democracy

From medium.com

One day back in March 2016, a Barcelona resident went online and — using the anonymous handle “Eiyeitis” — voiced an opinion about the city’s 010 telephone information service. In Spain, dialing 010…
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Denver's Chief Storyteller on the Power of Stories to Engage Your Community

From kimlundgrenassociates.com

In the local government world, we are constantly trying to push information OUT to members of our community. A new initiative. Results from a previous initiative. A planning process. A public forum. A revamped website. Even when we’re seeking people’s feedback, we’re asking them *our* questions in a survey.   

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