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Place in the time of Social Distancing

From placematt.net

Home is where I am right now.  If you’re reading this, I hope you have a safe home to be in and that is where you are too. Or, you’re on the way back there in line with the dizzying pace of regulatory change that many of our cities are experiencing in the time of…
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Why Outdoor Farmers’ Markets Matter More Than Ever - The New York Times

From www.nytimes.com

Some customers prefer greenmarkets to shopping inside during the coronavirus outbreak. Last week, rules were introduced to keep the markets safe.
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Beyond Town Hall: Public Engagement in a Time of Crisis

From www.nationalcivicleague.org

City leaders are grappling with the unimaginable—the protection of their entire community from a threat the likes of which many of us have never seen.  Amid all this chaos, we continue to need robust, two-way communication with the public we serve, even if they cannot or should not meet with us in person.  A
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During a Pandemic, Look for the Innovators

From www.worth.com

We have the opportunity to emerge from this pandemic stronger as a society than ever before—but you have to know where to invest.
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Plan C: Crisis Mode for COVID-19

From makezine.com

If Plan A is the government and Plan B is industry, then Plan C is for civic action. Here are the people taking the lead to make a difference in the face of Covid-19
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TICTeC goes virtual: running a large scale international conference online

From www.mysociety.org

Last week, we held our first ever online conference. TICTeC, mySociety's annual Impacts of Civic Technology conference, was to have run in Reykjavik on 24 and 25 March, but those plans were, like so many others, scuppered by the COVID-19 outbreak. Instead, on those same dates, 180 people from 30...

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How open data and civic participation helped Taiwan slow Covid

From medium.com

Taiwan is being hailed for its strong and swift response to the coronavirus, and the case numbers support that praise. As of Thursday, Taiwan had 267 confirmed cases of Covid-19, with two deaths…
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For Cities, the Coronavirus Recovery Can Be an Opportunity

From www.citylab.com

Urban resilience expert Michael Berkowitz shares ideas about how U.S. cities can come back stronger from the social and economic disruption of coronavirus.
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Coronavirus is a wake up call that humanity’s needs are not actually at the centre of global systems

From diginomica.com

Author of ‘Digital Democracy, Analogue Politics’, Nanjala Nyabola, spoke about the tension between citizen, state and corporations - which has been amplified by Coronavirus.
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The qualities that imperil urban places during COVID-19 are also the keys to recovery

From www.brookings.edu

Local efforts that nurture and strengthen connectivity, support workers, and foster creativity will be vital as we mitigate the COVID-19 fallout.
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Open Letter to Citymakers: 10 Key Implications of the COVID-19

From newcities.org

On January 21st, I traveled from Shanghai, my adopted home, via a one-day layover in Los Angeles, on my way to spend several weeks in Boston for some non-critical medical treatments. The next day, the first case of Coronavirus hit Shanghai. Four days later, my husband, who owns an import-export business joined me in the …
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What’s New in Civic Tech: Communities Respond to COVID-19

From www.govtech.com

Plus, government advocacy groups create coronavirus resources online; state governments build digital platforms to centralize response efforts; top local gov philanthropy group convenes virtual workshops; and more.
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Know Before You Go: Challenges at the Intersection of Civic Tech & Public Health

From medium.com

The civic technology community are “helpers,” the type of people you want with you in an emergency. They’re people who intervene to prevent an emergency. Sitting here in Seattle, the COVID-19…
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6 ways to stay civically and politically engaged during a pandemic - i-D

From i-d.vice.com

We’ve all found ourselves with more time on our hands and how we use that time matters.
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COVID-19 Readiness Kit 

From marketplace.city

In light of the COVID-19/Coronavirus epidemic, city leaders must respond by maintaining situational awareness, communicating with residents, and taking actions to limit the spread of the virus. Below is a set of solutions for cities to use during this time.

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Unchecked Smart Cities are Surveillance Cities. What We Need are Smart Enough Cities.

From www.eff.org

We can have beautiful cities without turning our cities into surveillance cities.Cities across the U.S. are forcing operators of shared bikes and scooters to use dangerous and privacy invasive APIs developed by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. These APIs—collectively called th
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How journalists are working together to cover the COVID-19 pandemic » Nieman Journalism Lab

From www.niemanlab.org

Across the United States, independent newsrooms are finding ways to share stories, ideas, tips, and knowledge about a virus that doesn't limit itself to anyone's audience boundaries.
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Citizens and Governments as Partners for a Vibrant Democracy

From www.opengovpartnership.org

 “No man is an island”, as English poet John Donne famously wrote. The ties people establish within a community tell us how healthy democratic life is. Be it in a municipality, a region, or a country, the quality of these systems of relations exemplifies …

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Building Capacity Together Through Community Based Learning

From nextcity.org

Sponsored: Drexel’s Urban Strategy graduate program builds civic engagement skills with students and neighborhood residents in order to power their community change work.
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How the Coronavirus Could Change City Planning

From www.citylab.com

Will COVID-19 change how cities are designed? Michele Acuto of the Connected Cities Lab talks about density, urbanization and pandemic preparation.  
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Multi-stakeholder partnerships are failing to effectively address complex social issues: citizen deliberation holds the key to true communities of action

From medium.com

· Trust in business and government’s ability to address issues in line with citizens’ needs is at an all-time low. · Trade associations and multi-stakeholder global partnerships are so far largely…
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Digital Workshops to the Rescue 

From konve.io

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cautions everyone to be prepared for the Coronavirus. The City of San Francisco has declared a state of emergency, one conference after the next is being canceled, and other large public gatherings are starting to be discouraged. How might a pandemic affect

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