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Research Report: Civic Tech Cities

From www.labcities.com

mySociety has published a report as a result of the Civic Tech Cities project, attempting to shed light on one of the more opaque forms of civic technology implementation, namely, the tech develope…
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Cities Should Celebrate, Not Suppress, Black Joy in Public Spaces

From nextcity.org

Op-Ed: “It is not enough to simply label a space as public and not do the work to think intentionally about the experiences that marginalized groups will have within that space.”
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Urban Design is Affecting Our Brains

From smartgrowth.org

By  Stephanie Marino via Deep Roots Design affects the brain. We know this intuitively, as we get frustrated when poor wayfinding causes us to get us lost or we feel renewed after a run in the park, but only recently are we starting to understand how and why. Our immediate environment can prompt both negative and positive effects and it’s becoming evident that the way spaces are designed can exert a strong influence on our behavior. This is especially important
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Driving smart city innovation with open sensor data - GovFresh

From govfresh.com

For many years, open access to data has been viewed as an important means of improving government transparency and accountability and deepening citizen engagement, and today hundreds of local and national governments worldwide are using open data portals to publish data and documents that they produce over the course of their operations.
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Foundations of Civic Health: Neighborhood Order (and Disorder)

From citiesspeak.org

New research shows cities that prioritize the maintenance of public spaces and community assets are more likely to inspire civic trust, stewardship and participation in public life. Here are three key findings — and three ways city leaders can incorporate them in their communities. This is a guest post by Suzanne Nienaber. This is the…
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Here's how cities can go completely renewable

From www.greenbiz.com

A new handbook offers advice to cities willing to make the leap to join Frankfurt, Vancouver, San Francisco and more than 300 others in the transition to clean energy.
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Why Middle School Is an Ideal Time to Teach Civic Engagement

From www.nais.org

Middle school is fertile ground because 11-14 year olds are increasingly concerned about fairness, justice, and their own thoughts on the world around them
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Meaningful Community Engagement is Like Exercise: Difficult, Emotional and Gratifying

From www.publicagenda.org

How a Vermont town is dealing with major questions about school district consolidation.
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Eric Gordon on Valuing the Inefficiencies of Civic Life 

From civichall.org

A discussion of play, meaning, smart cities and civic life with Eric Gordon, professor and director of the Engagement Lab at Emerson College.
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Jane Jacobs and Urban Planning’s Lesson for Democracy

From healthydemocracy.org

Linn Davis makes the case for urban thinker Jane Jacobs as a grandmother of modern public
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A Country of Cities: Building Hyperdensity and Civic Delight

From placesjournal.org

Americans are conflicted about urban development: somehow we’ve demonized both sprawl and density. Here’s the case for the hyperdense city: prosperous, sustainable, delightful.
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What’s the Greatest Risk American Cities Face?

From www.politico.com

We asked mayors, urbanists and other thinkers for their diagnoses, and most took the long view—looking beyond Donald Trump.
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How climate change will threaten food security of world's poorest countries

From www.independent.co.uk

Some of the world’s poorest countries will be hit hardest as climate change affects marine fisheries all over the world, according to a new study. The global fishing industry produces a total catch worth of about $90bn (£71bn) but the warming ocean temperatures are causing many valuable species to shift their usual ranges. The potential for water to hit temperatures lethal to corals such as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, which support vast amounts of other marine life, is a particular problem.
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Five takeaways from the New Cities Summit

From cities-today.com

Jonathan Andrews reports from Songdo which last week played host to the sixth New Cities Summit – ‘Thriving cities: the building blocks of urban wellbeing’.
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Actually, more public participation can save American democracy

From healthydemocracy.org

Jessie Conover responds to recent articles calling for less public participation in our
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New Ruralism: Solutions for Struggling Small Towns

From dirt.asla.org

New Urbanism is a well-known movement that aims to create more walkable communities. Less known is New Ruralism, which is focused on the preservation and enhancement of rural communities beyond the edge of metropolitan regions. Small towns now part of this nascent movement seek to define themselves on their own terms, not just in relation…
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Can Racial Equity Unlock Civic Tech’s Superpowers? 

From civichall.org

The promise of civic technology is that better democracy can come via connection, automation, and data. 
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How can cities double down on the climate change fight? Three experts share ideas

From archpaper.com

Three experts from NYC, NOLA, and Rio zeroed in on cities' response to climate change at Cities and Climate Action, a Columbia GSAPP conference.
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What I learned about Participatory Budgeting from Palo Alto Community College in San Antonio

From medium.com

The San Antonio Progressive Alliance organized a community meeting on Participatory Budgeting that was held last night at Brick at Bluestar. The meeting featured a presentation by Palo Alto Community…
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Self-Driving Cars Could Revolutionize Our Sidewalks, Too

From www.fastcodesign.com

The design studio Pensa envisions the way autonomous vehicles could transform far more than our streets.
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There Are No Size Requirements for Good Urbanism and Placemaking

From www.economicsofplace.com

This week I traveled from Northville, MI to Madison, WI with a stop in Chicago, IL. Three distinctly different places. All successful in their own way. Northville is an old Victorian town of 6,000 …
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