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What if autonomous vehicles actually make us more dependent on cars?

From theconversation.com

Transport policies in European cities are on a collision course with the tech industry's ambitions for self-driving cars.
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Bad landlord? In NYC, coders made apps to aid the fight

From realestate.boston.com

In New York City, coders are building easy-to-use, data-driven tools to empower tenants who have bad landlords.

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Civic Tech and Fine Arts Team-Up to Tackle Climate Change

From www.govtech.com

Fueled by a $1 million grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies, Anchorage, Alaska, is building a lab inside an art museum for artists, designers, engineers and the community to team-up to tackle climate change.
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7 urban innovations from 2018

From info.trendwatching.com

Cities are engines of consumption and opportunity but at the same time they face – and create! – countless challenges: inequality, unaffordability, pollution, waste and more.

Here are seven very urban innovations to inspire you in 2019. How can you make urban lives easier, cheaper, cleaner or just better?!
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Engaging the public would have eased Amazon's arrival—and it still can

From www.crainsnewyork.com

Residents typically fight decisions when not allowed to weigh in
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EU adopts plan to become 'climate neutral' by 2050

From www.smartcitiesdive.com

The report presents eight scenarios to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with a large focus on the energy and urban mobility sectors.
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Albuquerque's Digital Integrated Development Ordinance launches

From ido.abc-zone.com

Albuquerque's Digital Zoning Code launches, includes interactive guides that provide personalized answers to resident's zoning questions as downloadable PDFs

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The Thick and Thin of Community Engagement

From www.tamarackcommunity.ca

The breadth and scope of possible engagement resources outlined by Public Agenda underscored the importance of clarifying the intent, scope, timeline and available resourcing to support a public engagement effort.
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Cherry Creek Implementation Plan

From cherrycreekgreenway.com

Through public dialog and collaboration between community leaders, the Cherry Creek Area Implementation Plan (CCAIP) was developed. These groups and individuals envision the potential to celebrate a significant section of the Cherry Creek Greenway by maximizing the recreational opportunities, enhance environmental contributions, improve public safety while growing and connecting with the surrounding community.
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South Bend’s Mayor on What Local Governments Can Learn From Estonia

From www.routefifty.com

The Indiana city’s new mobility-as-a-service pilot is helping low-income shift workers commute for free.
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Inclusion and Civic Engagement in Public Technology Building and Planning

From www.benton.org

How can we build inclusive, people-centered smart cities? Whether they are Wi-Fi kiosks, urban sensors, fiber networks, or built-from-scratch “smart” neighborhoods, new urban technology deployments are under the microscope. Despite the potential of these projects to drive innovation and economic growth, they are often met with mixed reception and a myriad of justifiable questions.

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Seven reasons why you should take your child on public transport

From apolitical.co

Public transit is good for kids. Here are the ways taking the tube or riding the bus boost the cognitive development of young children.
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Plain language and simple design: How civic designers are building a better digital government for the people

From www.confabevents.com

Join Aviva Oskow at Confab 2019, where she’ll talk about plain language and inclusivity in government service design.
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2018 list of The World's Most Influential Young People in Government by Apolitical

From apolitical.co

Apolitical is excited to present the 2018 list of The World's Most Influential Young People in Government. These young leaders are ones to watch, who will continue to transform governments far and wide for years to come.

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Blueprint Denver has designs on a better city 

From denverite.com

A dozen pages in Blueprint Denver, essentially staff policy proposals on which City Council will rule, suggest approaches to ensuring our city’s architecture does reflect our society and our aspirations.
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School holidays. To engage or not? When it's appropriate and why it's usually not.

From articulous.com.au

As a general rule the school holidays are best avoided when planning community engagement activities because people are generally harder to reach and disengaged from reality during holiday periods.…
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Top 10 Urban Planning Books - 2018 by Planetizen

From www.planetizen.com

Planetizen's annual list of top books covers subjects in all varieties of planning: urban planning, community planning, environmental planning, and more.
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Autonomous Vehicles Are Coming and There’s No Roadmap (Yet) – Next City

From nextcity.org

From job shifts to reclaimed parking-lot acreage to the end of traffic tickets. How will cities and their residents gain, or lose, once AVs hit the mainstream?
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We Are All We Have: The Practice of Neighboring - Mn Artists

From www.mnartists.org

Ashley Hanson and Mary Welcome—both traveling artists working in rural places—team up to articulate their work as a practice of neighboring, in order to show how mutual exchange, compassion, and care can shift the narrative of artistic success.
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Growing the Civic Tech Movement – Code for America Blog –

From medium.com

Last month, more than 150 Code for America Brigade members from across the country gathered in Charlotte, NC for our annual Brigade Congress. What is Brigade Congress, you may ask? Brigade Congress is a gathering of leaders in the civic tech community.
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Wintermission: Bringing Public Life to Winter Cities

From www.880cities.org

Wintermission will coach three U.S. cities to plan, pilot, and implement creative solutions to increase social interaction and physical activity in public spaces during winter.
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The ‘Gateway Drug to Democracy’ –

From thelivinglib.org

The fastest way to reveal a nation’s priorities is to take a look at its budget. Where money is allocated, improvements and expansions are made; where costs are cut, institutions and policies wither. 

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Celebrating Our Time Together at #NCDD2018!

From ncdd.org

Wow! We can barely believe it’s been a week since we all parted ways at #NCDD2018! The 8th National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation convened hundreds of innovators and practitioners in dialogue, deliberation, civic engagement, and more. It was an incredible time to come together, see old friends and make new ones, learn from each other, and find ways in which we can conspire moving forward.
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