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Get involved: A citizen's guide to getting your voice heard by government

From lasvegassun.com

The long, grueling and combative 2016 election had at least one silver lining. According to the website VolunteerMatch, its highest-ever traffic numbers happened four days after Trump’s inauguration an
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Amazon Go and the Death of the Neighborhood Supermarket

From www.citylab.com

Supermarkets are community anchors. Amazon’s “just walk out” version embodies a disconcerting social transformation.
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Gathering the Opinions of Hard-to-Reach Residents

From www.n-r-c.com

Whether collecting data by mail, phone or web, encouraging these residents to respond to a survey from the City can be resource intensive, and without a robust effort, ineffective. Local government leaders of diverse communities should especially consider ways to get more participation from hard-to-reach residents.
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Dying for Uber and Lyft's Secrets, Cities Get Creative

From www.wired.com

Researchers want to know how ride-hailing companies are affecting their streets, but don't have much information to help them.
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Austin and Norfolk selected to be the next pilot projects of Tactical Data Engagement

From sunlightfoundation.com

Sunlight Open Cities is excited to congratulate Austin, Texas and Norfolk, Virginia as the next pilot projects of Tactical Data Engagement. Austin and Norfolk are both passionate about open data and ready to convene community partners to learn how to support open data use outside of city hall. We’re looking forward to working with both…
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New York City Celebrates Open Data Week 2018

From nycopendata.tumblr.com

March 3 through March 10, more than 30 events for new yorkers to explore the use & power of NYC Open Data
NYC Open Data Week 2018 is a week-long celebration to raise awareness of the City’
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Crowdsourcing is a step forward in citizen participation

From www.democracy-international.org

This year's Digital Democracy Day, initiated by ECAS, focused on the question of how crowdsourcing can improve and simplify citizen participation at both local and EU level. By Melissa Ihlow
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Wrapping up an amazing year with the 16 cities in the Smart Cities Collaborative

From t4america.org

A few weeks ago, leaders from 16 cities met in Los Angeles for the last of four meetings in our inaugural yearlong Smart Cities Collaborative.
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Why We ❤ Instagram: Visualizing Community Engagement

From elgl.org

In the Local Government Challenge, University of Texas-Arlington students will focus on developing effective approaches to community engagement. We’ll hear from practitioners over the next co…
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Are Open Data Efforts Working?

From www.govtech.com

Over the last decade, state and local governments have invested in open data initiatives. Have those efforts done what we thought they should?
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Welcome to the Age of Climate Migration

From www.rollingstone.com

Jeff Goodell reports: Extreme weather due to climate change displaced more than a million people from their homes last year and could reshape nation.
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Will Piaggio's Gita Soon Be Your Own Personal R2-D2?

From www.theatlantic.com

Piaggio, the Italian company that makes Vespa scooters, is building cargo droids for city pedestrians.
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New Orleans Wants to Be a Smart City, But at What Cost?

From www.govtech.com

From gunshot detection to data collection, officials want to see technology playing a bigger role in the city’s decision-making process. But where to invest and how to pay for it remain unknown.
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Engaging Hard to Reach Users in Designing Civic Tech

From www.livingcities.org

Designing useful tech solutions requires working "with, not for" the community to solve problems. A civic tech and data collaborative in St. Louis reflects on how they engaged their end users—residents navigating the county court system.
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Using Human-Centered Design to Advance Civic Engagement in Nonprofits

From ssir.org

Civic engagement efforts in the United States are becoming a renewed priority for nonprofits, but they can seem like a strain. Human-centered design can help.
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What Wannabe Smart Cities Can Learn From Ski Resorts

From www.wired.com

There, at a quaint mountain resort, they will encounter something they didn't come looking for. Something oft-hyped but rarely seen in the wild: a smart city.
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10 tips for institutionalizing dialogue in universities

From www.everyday-democracy.org

Useful tips for those who want to work with university leaders to institutionalize the dialogue to change program.
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CodeAcross: Fostering Collaboration Between the Open Data and Civic Tech Movements in Canada

From medium.com

Ahead of the upcoming CodeAcross 2018 hackathon, this post shares some of the ways the open data and civic tech movements in Canada can work more closely together.
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The Right Time for the Right Conditions

From www.publicagenda.org

Last week, friends, family and colleagues came together in New York City to celebrate the life of Public Agenda's co-founder, Dan Yankelovich. It was an opportunity to reflect on Dan's profound contributions to tackling the most pressing issues of our times and the struggle for a healthier democracy.  

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Residents weigh in on plans for new Obama Presidential Center

From wgntv.com

CHICAGO -- Chicago residents weighed in on plans for the new Obama Presidential Center, as well as Jackson and South Shore Parks. City officials hosted an open house style community meeting on Wednesday at the South Shore Cultural Center.
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