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Chicago DOT Develops Parklet Prototype to Encourage Hanging Out

From nextcity.org

"We thought hard about how could make the most flexible and unique design that everyone could build.”
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If smart cities center around data collection, why is water left out?

From www.smartcitiesdive.com

Despite many cities experiencing droughts, data on water availability, storage and use is surprisingly sparse — even in tech-forward states like California. 
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World Town Planning Day - Nov 8

From www.planning.org

World Town Planning Day, celebrated on four continents each November, is a special day to recognize and promote the role of planning in creating livable communities.
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First Lobbyists, Eventually Voters: How A Legislation-Tracking Platform Could Boost Civic Engagement

From hypepotamus.com

When Civic Eagle, a platform that allows users to track specific legislation, didn't see engagement as a B2C company, they pivoted to a B2B model.
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Harnessing the Power of Narrative and Storytelling for Social Impact

From blog.codingitforward.com

“What’s your superpower?” asked my mentor Seamus Kraft, the Executive Director of The OpenGov Foundation, on our very first phone call. I paused for ten seconds and hesitated to answer the question…
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What’s New in Civic Tech: Civic Technologists Work to Educate, Mobilize Voters

From www.govtech.com

Plus, CityLab hosts largest-ever gathering of local gov CIOs; Brooklyn, N.Y., welcomes new hub for VR and AR tech; and Louisville, Ky., publishes new Bird Scooter data.
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Youth, Vote! Step Up with Easy Digital Tools That Inform

From shapingyouth.org

November 3, 2018 Instead of reliving the rage that put me in a Looney Tunes cartoon depiction of steam coming out of my ears reading the misguided missives of PoliSci majors who have never cast a vote, or disaffected youth choosing to step off vs step up for the 2018 Midterms, I’m going to ditch rhetoric …
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Love Your Block Blueprint

From citiesofservice.org

Love your Block is a high-impact service strategy that connects city leaders with community residents to help revitalize their neighborhoods one block at a time. Typically, city officials provide small grants that support volunteer-fueled solutions developed by the community. Whether turning vacant lots into community gardens, removing graffiti, or helping elderly neighbors with simple home repairs that allow them to keep their homes, citizen volunteers are making their neighborhoods — and their cities — better places to live.
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Making the Spaces of Cities Smarter: Why cities should embrace the digital public realm

From medium.com

Smart cities have long been discussed as conceptual ideas for how cities should be and what they could do. Rarely is the concept broken down into something that provides substantive meaning to the average city-dweller. Indeed ‘smartness’ for many, is far removed from their everyday life, rather just a hidden network of sensors and connectors.
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We Are All Catalysts: Part One – How We Can Amplify and Broaden Dialogue and Deliberation Work

From ncdd.org

The upcoming 2018 NCDD conference in Denver seeks to “catalyze the catalysts” by asking how we can work together to broaden the use and amplify the impacts of dialogue and deliberation efforts locally and globally.

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Five reasons to get excited about Toronto’s new Civic Innovation Office

From medium.com

In Canada’s largest city, a new Civic Innovation Office is doing procurement differently. They’re inviting entrepreneurs, innovators and other from outside of City Hall to participate in the process.
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Historical Preservation: What's worth saving?

From www.cityartsmagazine.com

In a city changing under our feet, holding onto the past can be an existential endeavor. But what gets preserved? Historical buildings associated with minorities are less likely to get landmarked—so some are working to set the record straight. [...]Rea
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Who is winning the World Series Placemaking Battle?

From medium.com

While the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox fight on the field the latest version of a long hallowed city rivalry that includes names like Ruth, Magic, Bird, Pierce, Bryant and many more, we…
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Cities Are Making the Rules on Driverless Vehicles

From www.citylab.com

While federal and state governments take a back seat, cities are driving the regulation of autonomous vehicles.
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Slow Process, Fast Action: Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper, Kinder

From www.pps.org

“We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say, ‘It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.’ Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.” —Fred Rogers
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How to innovate in Smart Cities with AI

From meetingoftheminds.org

I envision a blended “future of work” that includes automation and augmentation — with the latter in the form of “decision support” tools that speed up and improve human performance, rather than compete with it. Computers are good at computing, surfacing potential decisions – and humans are good at context, or understanding the situational environment. When these two attributes are combined, it results in good judgement.
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Doing data differently – Greensboro’s evolving open data program

From sunlightfoundation.com

The City of Greensboro, North Carolina used public requests for information to help build an open data portal that was responding directly to residents’ needs. The City took a resident-informed approach to open data, and as a result, has seen public records requests drop off in comparison to nationa
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What’s New in Civic Tech: New Directory Maps the Top Civic Innovation Labs

From www.govtech.com

Plus, Philadelphia selects internal innovation grant recipients; The New York Times maps every building in America; and the Durham, N.C., iTeam looks to use human-centered design to improve city forms.
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Newsroom to YouTube: Five Tips for Scalable Community Engagement

From icma.org

Facebook live, citizen surveys, virtual meetings, oh my! From the newsroom to YouTube, jurisdictions face a maze of social media when they want to engage with the community. The Institute for Local Government explains that cities and counties are trying to connect with residents through nontraditional methods in order to reach community members where they are.
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Beware of this four letter word when analysing community responses

From articulous.com.au

You may have heard that online surveys are dead. Even though you’re constantly being bombarded with emails and website pop ups requesting your valuable input in the form of an online survey. How ma…
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Streets Aren’t the Only Thing That Connects Your City —

From www.strongtowns.org

In Akron, Ohio an alternative-news monthly called The Devil Strip serves to identify, connect and inspire people throughout the community. The newspaper helps bring Akronites together to envision and shape the city’s future.
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The Mexican town that refused to become a smart city | Cities

From www.theguardian.com

A small town in Mexico was down to be one of the country’s first smart cities – but residents saw it as an attempt to westernise and leave tradition behind
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Data for Democracy harnesses the powers of big data for civic good

From www.shareable.net

Data for Democracy is a grassroots community dedicated to using the tools of Data Science to create a positive social impact. Imagine a bunch of digital activists running around the Internet analyzing alt-right Twitter bot networks and collecting data on immigration and family separations for the National Immigration Law Center, and you'll have a pretty good idea what this group does.
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Inclusive design, accessible design, universal design: What's what?

From www.fastcompany.com

In the new book Mismatch, designer Kat Holmes demystifies the buzzy design process embraced by companies

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