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Siena: civic engagement for a resilient city

From www.blog.urbact.eu

In the face of adversity, Siena (IT) turned to new actors for its urban development. Elisa Filippi, National URBACT Point Italy says its citizens and the municipality stepped up, with projects including new community hub, regenerating the “Green Valleys” and turning Siena into one of the first carbon free provinces in Europe in 2013.
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New Local Government Research Findings in Community Engagement and 311-Customer Relationship Management

From icma.org

ICMA launched its sixth special section of LGR: Local Government Review in the July 2019 issue of Public Management (PM) magazine. This two-article issue, which includes two special survey infographics, is filled with key research findings and expert insights on local government issues and trends.
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Apple and New Museum team up for choreographed urban AR art tours

From archpaper.com

The [AR]T app, available in six cities on August 10, will let iPhone owners take art tours through augmented reality courtesy of Apple and the New Museum.
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City of Madison turns Comprehensive Plan into Living Document

From konve.io

Konveio’s unique features helped the project team at the City of Madison to save time during the analysis of the feedback they received. The interactive plan format enables them to post annual updates regarding metrics and indicators outlined in the plan, creating a living document.  
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Live at the Table: Consultation and Community Engagement

From www.bangthetable.com

Learn what techniques and tools are working today and how to evolve your practice to build an engaged community over the long term.

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Civic Tech Fellows Offer Their Ideas for Attracting Youth to Public Service

From www.nextgov.com

After just 10 weeks in government, the Coding It Forward fellows were able to succinctly identify the promise and challenges in getting young people to join the government.
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The Newest Tech Distruption: Local Government - Measure What Matters

From www.whatmatters.com

Code for America's Jennifer Pahlka and Lou Moore explain how the nonprofit uses OKRs to defeat local government bureaucracy.
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Bringing (more) sustainability to cities: 5 golden rules

From urbact.eu

The second URBACT City Lab took place in Brussels (BE) on 2nd and 3rd July 2019: “How are cities putting sustainable urban development into practice?” was the core question that drove us through general and specific considerations in the fields of Air Quality and Mobility, Energy Transition and Climate Adaptation and Sustainable Food Systems.
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Applications Of Immersive Technologies In Smart Cities

From www.forbes.com

Applications of augmented reality and virtual reality in smart cities ranges from emergency management, urban planning, and navigation, to education, training and much more. AR and VR will no doubt provide novel and unparalleled experiences to urban dwellers.
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A Local Code for America Brigade Works to Reprogram St. Louis

From onezero.medium.com

Overhauled digital infrastructure will help people access the services they need — but deep-rooted problems persist
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Government contracting is cool and incredibly impactful

From medium.com

I’ve always thought government contracting and bringing technology to governments was cool. I mean, Batman and Iron Man do it!? Wakanda knows having the best technology is critical for their society…
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Deliberative Democracy - 5 Key Ideas We Can’t Forget

From www.accountabilitylab.org

It is easy to get depressed about the state of global democracy these days, isn’t it? The rise of right-wing demagogues, the stifling of the media, the continued dysfunction of state institutions. Our headlines seem to be about nothing else. But the recent Deliberative Democracy Institute (DDI) at the Kettering Foundation filled me wit
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Urban commons are under siege in the age of austerity – here's how to protect them

From theconversation.com

The UK's surviving urban commons are precious green spaces, but the laws that protect them are confusing, complicated and in some cases outdated.
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Think Beyond the Survey – ELGL

From elgl.org

Your organization’s engagement with your residents might consist of surveying them once or twice when you need a representative sample. If so, they view your organization as the building they visit to pay the utility bill. To build relationships and trust with your residents, think beyond the survey.
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What’s New in Civic Tech: New York Creates Commission on AI

From www.govtech.com

Plus, Code for America adds a new Brigade in Eugene, Ore.; San Francisco Planning looks to hire a data and analytics manager; What Works Cities hosts a good governance forum next week; and more.
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What Happens to ‘Smart Cities’ When the Internet Dies?

From www.citylab.com

In the fictional dystopia of Tim Maughan’s novel Infinite Detail, our dependence on urban technology has been suddenly severed.
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Where’s the ‘Civic’ in CivicTech? 

From medium.com

The ideology of community participation and development is a crucial topic for any nation or community seeking to attain sustainable development. Here in Uganda, oftentimes when the opportunity for…
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CivStart wants to help government leverage technology that serves the needs of vulnerable, underserved communities

From govfresh.com

CivStart is a new government-focused start-up accelerator that wants to ensure civic technology products "don’t get made in a vacuum — that they serve the needs of our most vulnerable and underserved communities."
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What’s New in Civic Tech: Illinois Maps New Health Data

From www.govtech.com

Plus, Pennsylvania data center makes Pittsburgh city parking data available to the public; Baltimore airport rolls out new tools for tracking flights and noise in great detail; and more.
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How Atlanta is transforming itself into one of the top smart cities in the world

From www.techrepublic.com

Cynthia Curry, director IoT ecosystem expansion at the Metro Atlanta Chamber, outlines the areas of emphasis city and business leaders in Atlanta, GA, identified to transform Atlanta into a leading smart city.
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5 Low-Budget Strategies to Help Small Communities Boost their Economies

From citiesspeak.org

In a state where small communities abound, cities and towns are exploring new and innovative approaches to boost economic growth.  
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“To do deep community engagement, you can’t just buy a tool.”

From medium.com

The latest Agora Journalism Center Report illuminates what it takes for newsrooms to be “engagement ready.”
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How to bring prototyping into policy design

From apolitical.co

How can public servants create impactful policies using human-centred design? Prototyping for Policy brought together designers and leaders to find out.
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