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The census goes digital – 3 things to know

From theconversation.com

Collecting census data online creates new risks to the accuracy and integrity of the information. Here's what to be aware of.
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In the Driverless City, How Will Our Streets Be Used?

From www.metropolismag.com

A glut of speculative plans for the driverless city reimagine the future streetscape. But is it a road to nowhere?
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Marketing Your Online Engagement Site

From elgl.org

Today is the day! Your online engagement site is going live, a culmination of months, perhaps years of work to foster internal buy-in, secure funding, identify projects, create content, gather images and finally launch your site. Congratulations! Now the real work begins. In my … Continued

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The Art of Government Social Media Management

From elgl.org

As public servants, we understand the thanklessness and invisibility of many of our jobs. When we do good things, and do them well, we … Continued

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An Introduction to Exploratory Scenario Planning

From resilientwest.org

Exploratory scenario planning (XSP) is a collaborative planning process to to build consensus and collaborative capacity to adapt and remain resilient in the face of uncertainty.
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Join us to hear the City of Centennial talk about content engagement for the Streets at SouthGlenn redevelopment project

From konve.io

Konveio Open Lab is our bi-weekly web meeting where we discuss content engagement challenges of our clients or followers. The goal is to explore solutions together, both with input from the Konveio team and other participants, and learn from each other along the way.

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The Social Media Opportunities Local Governments Are Missing

From www.governing.com

It shouldn't be just for announcing meetings, holiday office closures or road construction. Local governments should see platforms like Twitter and Facebook as powerful tools for building community, not just posting city hall selfies.
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Relationships and an alternative IAP2 Spectrum

From iap2.org.au

Due to the broad lack of understanding from government and corporates about what it means to ‘engage with communities’ – what ‘engage’ means and how it might or could be achieved. Many Community Engagement Practitioners use this spectrum as a way of being consistent with their engagement across multiple consultations, using a tried and tested tool designed specifically for the sector, which justifies a clear and trusted methodology for their ‘engagement’.
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The hidden opportunity of the climate crisis: Participatory democracy and people powered change

From pbnetwork.org.uk

In our latest guest blog Alan Budge discusses his feelings about the climate emergency, sees some rays of hope, and offers some ways forward. 

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For People to Live and Thrive in a Changing Climate, Cities Need to Change – But How? 

From thecityfix.com

In the 21st century, a seemingly global prosperity masks an unequal distribution of benefits. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world’s cities, where extreme wealth can exist next door to concentrated poverty. In some cities, like…
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Civic Tech Startup ePluribus Changes Name, Adds Digital IDs

From www.govtech.com

The company, now called Be Heard, has launched a blockchain-based solution for verifying users' identities it thinks could help with things like municipal IDs. The twist: All information is stored on a person's device.
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What does it take for a public interest technology project to succeed?

From www.newamerica.org

We know that there are many digital service teams launching at the state and local level, and in the spirit of helping these teams skip over the learning process we underwent over the first two years of our existence, here is a sampling of what we learned - some surefire ways to make sure your public interest tech project will succeed
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Post-It Note City

From placesjournal.org

A visit to the smart-city-in-progress at Sidewalk Toronto prompts questions about what it means to “participate” in civic design.
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Democracy tech will be the next hot investment space

From www.wired.co.uk

First came Silicon Valley, Alley and Roundabout. Now, democracy technology is getting a home too
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Top UN-Habitat Official on the Challenges and Solutions Facing Cities This Decade

From nextcity.org

Maimunah Mohd Sharif has been leading the United Nations program for sustainable urban development since 2018.
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Mapping Migration in the Face of Climate Change

From www.citylab.com

13 million U.S. coastal residents are expected to be displaced by 2100 due to sea level rise. Researchers are starting to predict where they’ll go.
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First Major Task for City's New Civic Engagement Commission at Risk

From www.gothamgazette.com

The New York City Civic Engagement Commission, established through a charter amendment approved by voters in 2018, is tasked with crafting a new citywide participatory budgeting program modeled after the City Council’s efforts to engage New Yorkers in funding local projects. A plan is required to be in place by July 1, the start of the next city fiscal year.
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Overhauling San Francisco Government for the Digital Age

From www.sfweekly.com

Maybe no one expects interacting with city government to be simple. But why shouldn’t it be?
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Can an Alphabet spinoff use phone location data to transform urban planning?

From www.protocol.com

Replica's tool melds cell phone and census data to help governments decide where to spend their money.
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The Shadow Economy: Why Campaign Tech Keeps Failing

From civichall.org

If we want to prevent disasters like the Iowa caucus app, we need to change the way we fund, build, and employ the campaign workers, techies included.
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‘IKEA, but for Parks’ Project Streamlines Community Green Space Development

From nextcity.org

The "Park in a Truck" project aims to make building a park as easy as picking up flat-packed furniture.
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