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What’s New in Civic Tech: Seattle Wins National Awards for Digital Equity Efforts

From www.govtech.com

Plus, Code for America brings Californians human-centered access to food assistance, 18F and the FBI build Crime Data Explorer, and Austin, Texas, donates used government computers to underserved residents.
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How can the Open Data Charter help cities? - International Open Data Charter

From opendatacharter.net

By Jean-Noé Landry and Merlin Chatwin As more and more cities take steps to adopt open data programs we have …
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Public art isn’t just a way to fill space. It can turn whole communities around.

From ggwash.org

Last month, Ben’s Chili Bowl unveiled a new mural. The display brought a crowd of people outside to reflect on the bright colors, cultural touchstones, and iconic images that represent DC, U Street, and the history of the local black community.  It also got me thinking about how public art fits into public space.
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How to do Real Public Engagement

From www.strongtowns.org

Yes, it's possible to have a community meeting where resident voices are heard, while experts and professionals get their say as well. Here are several tips for how to do that.

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Serving up technology in the public’s interest—hard, but worth it

From mashable.com

The private sector is important, but tech needs to be on the forefront of government and policy efforts
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Citizen Planners Meet to Discuss Barriers, Issues Facing the Planning Community

From mdplanningblog.com

The Maryland Planning Commissioners Association’s (MPCA) Outreach project is off to a hot start this summer. With two focus group meetings in the books and five to go, members of Maryland’s planning community are embracing the effort and expressing their opinions. The MPCA hosted the first meeting in Calvert County and the local press took…
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Chicago techies just launched a new platform to boost civic engagement

From www.builtinchicago.org

From grassroots organizations to civic groups, government boards and nonprofits, there’s no shortage of organizations working to make Chicago a better place. But for Chicagoans who want to contr
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Why Middle School Is an Ideal Time to Teach Civic Engagement

From www.nais.org

Middle school is fertile ground because 11-14 year olds are increasingly concerned about fairness, justice, and their own thoughts on the world around them
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Mayor de Blasio Brings NYC's First Neighborhood Innovation Lab for Smart City Technologies to Browns

From www1.nyc.gov

Mayor de Blasio Brings NYC's First Neighborhood Innovation Lab for Smart City Technologies to Brownsville
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Top Five Reasons Public Space is Important

From culturedays.ca

During my undergrad, one course that really struck me was, “Urban Transformations, Affective Cartography”. We studied how urban landscapes are more than just spatial. We looked at how public space, specifically, urban space, affect our physical, psychological, and emo...

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Mid-sized Albuquerque Brings Big-Time Data Game – What Works Cities

From medium.com

For the City of Albuquerque, open data has become a path to open communication with the community, making a more resident-friendly city, and saving public funds. Those efforts are proving so fruitful…
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Participating in Participatory Budgeting by Center for civic design

From civicdesign.org

Learning about designing for the engaged citizens who vote in participatory budgeting
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Meaningful Community Engagement is Like Exercise: Difficult, Emotional and Gratifying

From www.publicagenda.org

How a Vermont town is dealing with major questions about school district consolidation.
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Eric Gordon on Valuing the Inefficiencies of Civic Life 

From civichall.org

A discussion of play, meaning, smart cities and civic life with Eric Gordon, professor and director of the Engagement Lab at Emerson College.
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Jane Jacobs and Urban Planning’s Lesson for Democracy

From healthydemocracy.org

Linn Davis makes the case for urban thinker Jane Jacobs as a grandmother of modern public
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A Country of Cities: Building Hyperdensity and Civic Delight

From placesjournal.org

Americans are conflicted about urban development: somehow we’ve demonized both sprawl and density. Here’s the case for the hyperdense city: prosperous, sustainable, delightful.
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Announcing the Center for Applied Community Engagement (CACE)

From www.intellitics.com

Intellitics is a digital engagement consultancy. Our mission is to enable people, communities and organizations involved in community engagement and public participation to achieve stronger overall outcomes through the strategic use and the integration of modern information and communications technologies.

Our approach can best be described as objectives-driven, context-aware and tool-agnostic. Generally speaking, we’re less concerned
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How to make lasting change happen in places - 4 challenges for those committed to empowering communities

From youngfoundation.org

Our Director of Places and Communities, Nat Defriend sets out four key challenges for everyone who is committed to challenging inequality and empowering communities. The challenges are framed through the lens of our founder, Michael Young’s central concept of how change happens in places, and the three key roles we have identified in the construction... → Read More
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What’s the Greatest Risk American Cities Face?

From www.politico.com

We asked mayors, urbanists and other thinkers for their diagnoses, and most took the long view—looking beyond Donald Trump.
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Public Interest Technology Welcomes First Fellows Class

From www.newamerica.org

Fellows will work to influence demand for technology expertise among public interest organizations.
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