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Spokane’s Community Assembly serves as bridge between the city and its neighborhoods

From www.spokesman.com

The Spokane City Council stays connected through one of the city’s best-kept secrets: the Community Assembly.
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How Do We Solve The Housing Crisis? New Community-Led Models For Planning And Architecture

From www.forbes.com

The housing crisis has become a byword for everything wrong with UK planning. But what are the alternatives? Deborah Talbot talks to writer and architecture expert Lucy Bullivant.
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Startup in Residence expands to 100 cities and counties, applications open

From statescoop.com

After a small-scale national pilot, the program that pairs startups with local governments is now opening its doors to a wider pool of civic challenges.
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Clarifying impact: lessons learned at Civic Tech Toronto

From medium.com

The civic tech movement is experiencing some growing pains. This summer, Daniel X. O'Neil provocatively declared that the movement “should be shelved” and Joshua Tauberer countered that critics’…
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What’s next for ArtPlace America?

From www.artplaceamerica.org

Over the past 7 years, we invested over $100M in supporting artists as allies in equitable community development. We were able to invest $87M in 279 creative placemaking projects in 208 communities of all sizes across the United States. We also invested $18M in six community development organizations, and developed a robust research program, looking at what happens when arts
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Hands-on civic engagement to occur at second annual Charlottesville Civic Innovation Day

From augustafreepress.com

The second annual Charlottesville Civic Innovation Day will take place on June 2 from 9am - 6pm at CitySpace on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall. 
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Reclaiming the Internet

From newrepublic.com

In the ’90s, American politicians sold off what was once a public good. Can a decent digital forum ever be built again?
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Downtown Vancouver newspaper boxes flipping to ‘free little libraries’

From vancouversun.com

Where once Downtown Vancouver residents and visitors could find free newspapers, they will now find books to share. 
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10 Problems With Impact Measurement in Civic Tech

From civichall.org

This post is a summary of Matt Stempeck’s presentation at The Impacts of Civic Tech Conference (TICTEC) in Lisbon, Portugal, on April 18, 2018, which he developed in close consultation with Micah Sifry, and is part of the ongoing work they are doing developing the Civic Tech Field Guide. If you work in civic tech, …
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White Paper: ‘Infogagement: Citizenship and Democracy in the Age of Connection’ by PACE

From www.pacefunders.org

PACE has released a new white paper, ‘Infogagement: Citizenship and Democracy in the Age of Connection’. The paper grew out of our ‘Information and Engagement Project’, a two year conversation at PACE that involved multiple convenings across the country and dozens of interviews with leading thinkers and practitioners in the fields of journalism, civic technology and public engagement
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New tool will help quantify the revitalizing effects of urban green infrastructure

From revitalizationnews.com

Readers of Revitalization News know that creating or expanding green infrastructure is often a core component of intelligent community redevelopment, revitalization and/or resilienc
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The Seven Steps Data-Savvy Governments Are Taking

From www.govtech.com

The role of the chief data officer continues to expand and become more entrenched in local and state government, prompting CDOs to share their experiences and expertise with one another.
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Bringing The Public Back In: Can the Comment Process be Fixed?

From thegovlab.org

Remarks of Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, US Federal Communications Commission: “…But what we are facing now does not reflect what has come before.  Because it is apparent the civic infrastructure we have for accepting public comment in the rulemaking process is not built for the digital age.  As the Administrative Conference of the United States acknowledges, …
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High Country Conservation Center launches app making it easier to recycle in Summit County

From www.summitdaily.com

Rocky the Recycling Robot has arrived to make recycling in Summit County a breeze. The web app was launched by High Country Conservation Center (HC3) to give residents and
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3 women you should know in Pittsburgh civic tech

From technical.ly

Here's how technologists Eleanor Tutt, Rachel McGrane and Ellie Newman view the region’s efforts to connect people with data.
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8 Podcasts About the City of Tomorrow

From www.citizenlab.co

Whether you are new to podcasts, or want to complete your collection if you are a frequent listener, here's the list of best podcasts about smart cities.
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Code for America Summit Tech Preview – Code for America Blog

From medium.com

Code for America Summit is just around the corner — May 30th-June 1st at the Oakland Marriott City Center — and once again we’ll be bringing together public servants and civic technologists for three…
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How the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation empowers digital civic engagement

From www.brookings.edu

Hollie Russon-Gilman writes about the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation empowerment of citizens not only as data producers but also as data owners.
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Copenhagen Architect Jan Gehl Takes on Smart Cities

From www.citylab.com

Architect and planner Jan Gehl looks back on how he helped transform Copenhagen into one of the world’s most livable cities and talks about how people can reclaim the streets.
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School engagement that's almost too good to be true

From www.participatorybudgeting.org

Last year, we shared the very wonderful story of how Participatory Budgeting (PB) was introduced at P.S. 139, a local elementary school in Brooklyn where Miro (the son of our co-Executive Director Josh Lerner) goes to school.  PB addressed a sincere need at P.S. 139: a need to connect with families at a school of nearly…
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Toronto by public transportation — from Point A to anywhere

From medium.com

One of the hallmarks of a great urban neighborhood is connectivity to other parts of the city via public transportation. We tend to think about this access in terms of specific trips: taking the…
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London Plan: The need for data collection throughout the planning process

From futurecities.catapult.org.uk

In cities across the UK digital technology is changing how we live, but the planning system is struggling to keep up. Airbnb and co-housing are changing the structure of our housing markets, yet we assess housing need in the same way we did 20 years ago. New digital street furniture is offering unlimited WiFi in exchange for targeted advertising, yet we still give them planning permission in the same way we would an ordinary advertising hoarding.
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Obama Foundation makes unique library deal for Obama Presidential Center

From chicago.suntimes.com

The Obama Center will not include an official federal government-run presidential library; instead, it will host a Chicago Public Library branch.
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