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From Pop-Up to Permanent: Five lessons in tactical urbanism

From globaldesigningcities.org

Urban residents have long practiced a form of tactical urbanism: repurposing underutilized places using temporary materials and transforming them into more dynamic public spaces. But in the past several years, tactical urbanism has become a movement. 

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Why we play games (when designing engagement)

From www.dialoguebydesign.co.uk

When designing engagement, we often turn to gamification. We asked people to build their own city as part of on food security for the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), and to make finance decisions to ensure their water supply to support Bristol Water in their business planning process. We use arts and crafts, …
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Get involved: A citizen's guide to getting your voice heard by government

From lasvegassun.com

The long, grueling and combative 2016 election had at least one silver lining. According to the website VolunteerMatch, its highest-ever traffic numbers happened four days after Trump’s inauguration an
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Gathering the Opinions of Hard-to-Reach Residents

From www.n-r-c.com

Whether collecting data by mail, phone or web, encouraging these residents to respond to a survey from the City can be resource intensive, and without a robust effort, ineffective. Local government leaders of diverse communities should especially consider ways to get more participation from hard-to-reach residents.
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Why We ❤ Instagram: Visualizing Community Engagement

From elgl.org

In the Local Government Challenge, University of Texas-Arlington students will focus on developing effective approaches to community engagement. We’ll hear from practitioners over the next co…
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10 tips for institutionalizing dialogue in universities

From www.everyday-democracy.org

Useful tips for those who want to work with university leaders to institutionalize the dialogue to change program.
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A crowdsourced guide to successful community engagement

From medium.com

Some months ago I was asked by Matt from @commsgodigital to write a blog post about the basics of community engagement with top tips on making it successful. Easy I thought, with almost 13 years’…
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How to Influence Local Government (When the Ball Is Passed, Be Ready to Shoot)

From elgl.org

We asked “what are specific actions for increasing your influence on the local level?” ELGL has responded swiftly and specifically.  Podcast: Reason for Running We talk running for City…
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Great idea: Multidisciplinary design charrette

From www.cnu.org

A time-compressed design process that gathers all of the stakeholders and practitioners together has great potential for creating more holistic communities, experts say.
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Data-Driven Emergency Response: Learning from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

From www.govtech.com

Leaders from Houston and Miami weigh in on the power of data in emergency management—and the need to do more.
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A 21st-Century Town Hall?

From www.newamerica.org

This case study introduces students to the field of civic technology and the possibility that it could help to amplify citizen engagement.
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29 Ideas to Activate Empty Spaces in Your Community - urbanSCALE.com

From urbanscale.com

Do you have empty spaces in your community? Do you have forgotten buildings and corridors in your city? Does your downtown have areas that are sorely underutilized, like alleys or similar spaces? Are there any former industrial areas in your community that are currently sitting vacant? Are there any other parts of your community that …
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Transform Your City With Tactical Urbanism

From vimeo.com

If you're a public space aficionado or transportation maven, one only needs to sign on to one of the various social media feeds to see the daily movement that…
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How can the Open Data Charter help cities? - International Open Data Charter

From opendatacharter.net

By Jean-Noé Landry and Merlin Chatwin As more and more cities take steps to adopt open data programs we have …
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How to do Real Public Engagement

From www.strongtowns.org

Yes, it's possible to have a community meeting where resident voices are heard, while experts and professionals get their say as well. Here are several tips for how to do that.

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Top Five Reasons Public Space is Important

From culturedays.ca

During my undergrad, one course that really struck me was, “Urban Transformations, Affective Cartography”. We studied how urban landscapes are more than just spatial. We looked at how public space, specifically, urban space, affect our physical, psychological, and emo...

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Participating in Participatory Budgeting by Center for civic design

From civicdesign.org

Learning about designing for the engaged citizens who vote in participatory budgeting
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How to make lasting change happen in places - 4 challenges for those committed to empowering communities

From youngfoundation.org

Our Director of Places and Communities, Nat Defriend sets out four key challenges for everyone who is committed to challenging inequality and empowering communities. The challenges are framed through the lens of our founder, Michael Young’s central concept of how change happens in places, and the three key roles we have identified in the construction... → Read More
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