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A 21st-Century Town Hall?

From www.newamerica.org

This case study introduces students to the field of civic technology and the possibility that it could help to amplify citizen engagement.
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29 Ideas to Activate Empty Spaces in Your Community - urbanSCALE.com

From urbanscale.com

Do you have empty spaces in your community? Do you have forgotten buildings and corridors in your city? Does your downtown have areas that are sorely underutilized, like alleys or similar spaces? Are there any former industrial areas in your community that are currently sitting vacant? Are there any other parts of your community that …
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Transform Your City With Tactical Urbanism

From vimeo.com

If you're a public space aficionado or transportation maven, one only needs to sign on to one of the various social media feeds to see the daily movement that…
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How can the Open Data Charter help cities? - International Open Data Charter

From opendatacharter.net

By Jean-Noé Landry and Merlin Chatwin As more and more cities take steps to adopt open data programs we have …
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How to do Real Public Engagement

From www.strongtowns.org

Yes, it's possible to have a community meeting where resident voices are heard, while experts and professionals get their say as well. Here are several tips for how to do that.

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Top Five Reasons Public Space is Important

From culturedays.ca

During my undergrad, one course that really struck me was, “Urban Transformations, Affective Cartography”. We studied how urban landscapes are more than just spatial. We looked at how public space, specifically, urban space, affect our physical, psychological, and emo...

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Participating in Participatory Budgeting by Center for civic design

From civicdesign.org

Learning about designing for the engaged citizens who vote in participatory budgeting
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How to make lasting change happen in places - 4 challenges for those committed to empowering communities

From youngfoundation.org

Our Director of Places and Communities, Nat Defriend sets out four key challenges for everyone who is committed to challenging inequality and empowering communities. The challenges are framed through the lens of our founder, Michael Young’s central concept of how change happens in places, and the three key roles we have identified in the construction... → Read More
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Five Ways to Promote Civic Health Through Community Design

From citiesspeak.org

Groundbreaking research shows how the design and maintenance of public spaces can directly impact our civic health. This is a guest post by Suzanne Nienaber. Last week, the Center for Active Design (CfAD) published original research from the Assembly Civic Engagement Survey (ACES), a groundbreaking study to examine specific community design features that influence civic…
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What is Civic Engagement Anyway? A Primer from PACE

From www.grantcraft.org

GrantCraft is a service of the Foundation Center that improves the practice of philanthropy by providing resources rooted in the practical wisdom of funders worldwide.
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Seven Keys to Stronger Community

From www.placemakers.com

In sustainability’s triple bottom line of profits, planet and people, it’s people that tend to get the shaft. There’s an entire industry surrounding environmental advocacy and we can always coun
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Public Engagement Done Well - Dialogue Partners

From dialoguepartners.ca

Public engagement can be risky business. There are lots of examples of what NOT to do. It isn’t often we
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What is an innovation district?

From www.okcinnovation.com

What is an innovation district? Understanding innovation districts and placemaking An emerging trend in urban areas, innovation districts are targeted areas that have potential for innovation and entre...

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The Engagement Pyramid: Six Levels of Connecting People and Social Change

From groundwire.org

Civic engagement can mean a lot of different things – from the casual forwarding of a friend’s email to deep involvement on a board of directors. The most effective social change organizations understand how to wield their portfolio of engagement tactics in Zen-like fashion; knowing just what kind of touch is called for to influence the outcomes of a particular decision.
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What is Participatory Budgeting? An Explainer

From medium.com

Participatory Budgeting — or PB — is democracy in action, though many of us (cough — including myself one month ago — cough) didn’t know how it works. PB gives us the opportunity to prioritize issues…
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Four Guiding Principles for Difficult Conversations

From facingtoday.facinghistory.org

Facing History's Tanya Huelett shares four guiding principles to help you navigate difficult conversations.
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14 Ways to Make Local Government More Accessible

From elgl.org

This guest reflection is by ELGL member and NRC Marketing Manager Angelica Wedell. “OPEN” is a four-letter-word, but one that local governments today need no longer avoid. Making the profession mor…
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5 Tips for Civic Dialogue in an Online World

From facingtoday.facinghistory.org

Five tips for young people and adults to practice positive civic dialogue in a digital landscape.
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So, You Want to Start an Email Newsletter? Five Reasons You Should

From mediashift.org

Newsletters are booming. It seems like just about every news organization has one -- or several -- and VCs are lining up to invest in businesses like The Skimm, Axios, and The Hustle. Email is not new. It was the first widespread mode of communication online.
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12 Empowering Ways to Engage in Civic Affairs

From www.shareable.net

It's evident that there's a growing desire among people, especially here in the U.S., to get involved in civic affairs. While online organizing can be an effective means of bringing about change, there's something powerful about showing up in person to talk with public officials and connect with others who are fighting for the same causes. We've pulled together a list of 12 ways to boost civic engagement.
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Dialogue logistics checklist

From www.everyday-democracy.org

Advance planning can help any program run smoothy. This is a review of some things to keep in mind when organizing your dialogues.
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New guide to participatory budgeting processes

From www.theengineroom.org

Participatory budgeting first came about almost three decades ago, when the Worker’s Party of Porto Alegre made an interesting political move: to look to the citizens who elected them in order to help determine their spending priorities.

Today, participatory budgeting amplified and supported ...

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How NOT to create consensus - Dialogue Partners

From dialoguepartners.ca

And how to learn from the experience and try again. In the 2015 election campaign, the Liberal party of Canada led
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